Did you know chemical flea ointments and flea collars are actually harmful for you and your pet? Although these ointments and collars can eliminate fleas easily, the side effects are disastrous. Not only can they harm your pooch’s long-term health, they can also prove to be fatal. Therefore, you need something that can get rid of the fleas and be safe too. You may explore some discount dog supplies or try out some natural solutions to this problem, before trying anything else.


Here are 2 natural ways to take care of your canine’s flea problems:


  1. 1.      Make A Flea Spray At Home


Prevention is better than cure, and that is what homemade flea sprays aim to achieve. Remember that these are not effective in combatting flea or flea eggs once they have set in, these products are usually used to prevent the occurrence of fleas in the first place. As the problem of fleasstarts during the spring season, applying this spray before spring will prevent fleas.




  1. a.      6 lemons
  2. b.      50 drops of Lavender essential oil
  3. c.       3 cups of water




  1. a.      Add thin and round slices of the lemons,with their skin intact,to a pot of boiling water. Remove the pot from the fire and then let the lemons sit in the pot for the night.


  1. b.      Next morning, take the liquid into a spray bottle and add Lavender essential oil to it.




  1. a.      Remember to spray this homemade flea spray on your dog whenever he is going outside or after a bath. Fleas are present amidst the nature and there is a high chance your dog will pick up a few clusters of flea eggs while rolling in the mud, running on the grass and during other similar activities.


  1. Are you a strong believer of flea collars? If yes, you can have a non-chemical (and non-harmful) flea collar for your dog using this flea spray. Soak the normal collar in this liquid to make your own natural and healthy flea collar.


  1. Remember that your dog is susceptible to picking up flea eggs while he is indoors, as these eggs can also be found in rugs and furniture. Spray the flea elimination solution on these furnishings in order to keep them free from flea. Also, consider spraying the surroundings of your house with this spray in order to make the whole household a flea free zone!


  1. 2.      A Balanced Diet


Remember that the need for healthy food and a balanced diet is same in dogs as it is in humans. Most of your canine’s diseases and flea problems can be taken care of by ensuring he is eating all the right things. This is due to the fact that a right diet can take care of the toxins that your canine comes in contact with. This will ensure his long term health.


Include flaxseed oil, probiotics and digestive enzymes to your dog’s diet. Including sporadic amounts of garlic and apple cider vinegar in his food (remember, that garlic can be toxic to dogs if consumed in profuse amounts) will also be helpful.


The right diet and the right homemade flea spray will take care of your dog’s flea problems without having to use harmful and expensive chemical products.



Eliza Lyttle is a pet lover and is the owner of two labradors. In her free time, Lyttle loves making womens halloween costumes 2012 and even makes costumes for her dogs every halloween.