The German Shepherd is an excellent family dog. They must have proper training and socialization as puppies in order to mature to be the outstanding beautiful dog they are. Coming from Germany they are a large breed dog .. The name – Deutscher Schaferhund – literally translates to German Shepherd Dog. Originally used for herding and protecting sheep, they are now needed for almost everything from loyal family pets, Family Protection Dogs, guard dogs, personal companions, police dogs, drug dogs, bomb detection dogs, military dogs, search and rescue, agility, show, schutzhund, obedience, tracking, service dogs, therapy dogs…… you name it! A German Shepherd can do it all.

A true German Shepherd is loyal and willing to work. They are born and bred to please their human master and there is no assignment to small to give their heart out to do for you. A quiet dog with the kids from newborns to goofy teenagers to a fierce guardian of what is theirs. An intelligent k-9 they often out think their human counterparts, and don’t do well chained in the back yard where they will become bored, a terrible way to treat a dog as majestic as the German Shepherd.

They are a large breed with the German Shepherd AKC Standard for them being 22-26 inches high at the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds – with some even going as much as 100-120 pounds. A German Shepherd owner should be careful though, not to let their dog get overweight which will cause unnecessary strain on their joints.

The standard is a short coat dog that is either black and tan or black and red – the color of Rin Tin Tin. Although , they do come in almost every color from solid black to solid white and sable which is typically light coloring through out their body (no solid coloring) and Bi-Color which is almost solid black with only a little tan on each leg up to about their pastern and a little tan on their face around their eye brows and cheeks.

Although the standard is a short coat the German Shepherds does come in short and long hair. They do shed some. Twice a year they “blow” their coat and shed very heavily for about a week. A hefty daily brushing during this time helps keep the hair out of the home! Other than blowing their coat they don’t need a lot of grooming . A bath several times a month and good brushing several times a week just to keep the hair down around the home. Their coat doesn’t knot. And they don’t pick up to much debris outside (such a cockle burs ).

If they come from good breeding stock and get proper care they can be expected to live about 12 years – I am a German Shepherd Breeder and some of mine have lived up to 16 years!

They adore kids and will normally follow them around giving you peace of mind that no one will mess with your kids. It is a proven fact that thieves will go somewhere else if they see a German Shepherd around – they are even better than a electric alarm system !

As you can tell a German Shepherd really can do it all!