Training Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever training can be hard work, although it can be made much simpler when you understand the correct way to do it.Therefore, it’s necessary for you to become the leader and train your dog the correct way!

The tips in this article will dramatically speed up you training and help your dog behave properly.

Training Golden Retrievers – Training Using A Crate

The best way to train your dog using a crate is to identify the crate as your dog’s home. It shouldn’t be used to control bad behaviour!

Identifying the crate as a home for your dog will limit any aggression and anxiety issues it may have. This is a great method if you are having Golden Retriever problems.

Training Golden Retrievers – Leash Methods

It can be extremely frustrating using leash training to train your Golden Retriever. However, it can be done much simpler than most people will have you think.

You must teach your dog to be in a calm and relaxed state before going on the leash.

By linking dog walking to calmness you will really help settle down your dog.Your Golden will identify that if they are calm they can go for a walk. If they try to pull you simply stop the walk, which they will identify as a bad thing.

Training Golden Retrievers – Alpha Position

When you assume leader position your dog will know not to misbehave. This allows your dog to assume the follower position and follow your commands.

Many people automatically think the dog knows what you want. Your dog doesn’t know what you want, you must continually tell it by assuming the alpha position. Once your dog learns you are the leader it will begin to relax.

Training Golden Retrievers – Obedience

If you are having issues with your dog obedience training with definitely help. Obedience training is not considered the best type of training for no reason.

These classes will help you with every different type of dog problem and how to solve them.This really is one of the best ways to learn how to train Golden Retrievers. This is definitely something you should consider other than your home training.

Learning how to train Golden Retrievers can be a lot of easier than we tend to are led to believe. This article was created to point out you the best way. We can share the most recent advice that will build coaching easier, quicker and abundant a lot of fun for each you and your dog.

Ok, allow us to begin to coach your Golden Retriever right now…..

Why You Should Recognize How To Train Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers have an incredibly friendly tendency, and due to the current many individuals assume they don’t want to be trained. We have all thought like this as a result of Golden Retrievers are arguably the most friendly dog available. Unfortunately, your dog has the fundamental instincts that every one dogs have and therefore will become violent and aggressive if they don’t get trained. There are many Golden Retriever problems such as:


Though not recognised as aggressive dogs Golden Retrievers can be quite the aggressor if left untrained. We tend to must remember that they are dogs by nature, and if we fail to train them they’re going back to what they understand best which is instinct. Golden Retriever obedience training is vitally important to prevent this.

Separation Anxiety

Another common problem due to lack of training is separation anxiety. This may be brought upon by the owner making an attempt to form up by their lack of coaching by giving the dog excess love. When this love isn’t there the dog doesn’t understand what to try to to and can start to display symptoms of anxiety.

These symptoms will vary from mild to very severe. At the worst end your house will become the target that isn’t what we tend to wish!


This is a lucid one, nonetheless many people underestimate simply how many problems they can encounter if they don’t train their Golden Retriever.

If left untrained your dog can suppose that it’s the master and won’t hear you at all. If you are attempting to command your dog from this position of follower your dog will additional than doubtless exhibit aggression!

This needs to change….

The way to Train Golden Retrievers

The most necessary issue you’ll do as an owner is to exert your authority inside your household. Your Golden wants to grasp you’re answerable before you start to issue any commands or begin any training program. To assist you are doing this we have a tendency to have created a list of things you need to try to to below to urge your dog to follow you:-

Getting into and Leaving the Home

Whenever you enter or leave your home completely ignore your dog. This can teach them that they don’t get attention whenever they need it, only when you would like to convey it.

Time of Feeding

Set times each day when you may feed your Golden Retriever. This can be a large modification from having them decide whenever they get to eat and can get them to perceive who the leader is!


Don’t let your dog decide when they want to travel for a walk by the wagging of their tail. You assign times each day to try and do this that puts authority into your hands.

Boundaries of the House

It’s also important to possess boundaries in the house that must be met in the slightest degree times. If your dog thinks it’s answerable then your Golden can additional than doubtless sleep wherever it wants and jumps on furniture. But, setting boundaries can stop this behaviour.

Familiar Golden Retriever Problems

Although we don’t usually associate Golden Retrievers as having any major issues, Golden Retriever problems are becoming more common. If any issues aren’t identified and dealt with as soon as possible they can spiral out of control.

There are a number of key Golden Retriever problems, let’s go over these and then analyse how to resolve them.

Aggressive Behaviour

Even though Golden Retriever aggression isn’t thought to be a major issue it can cause a serious threat if left untreated.After all, they are dogs and have the natural tendencies that other dogs possess.

Thankfully, addressing aggressive behaviour is one of the easier Golden Retriever problems to fix. This is especially true if you can train them from a young age. The best way to remedy this is to combine training with socialization programs to help your dog calm down, they will also learn there are other ways to express their selves other than aggression.

Another way to stop aggressive behaviour is to prohibit any physical games with your dog, this will show them that aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.

Excessive Energy

If there is one thing Golden Retrievers are known for it is their boundless energy which is really great. However, they can even have too much energy for this type of dog which isn’t good. This can signify that there may be a deeper issue. This could be associated with Golden Retriever barking.

Even worse, this problem can get progressively worse over time, and if left untreated it can be expressed through destructive behaviour. They do this as a way to vent their energy.

The key is exercise; make sure your dog is getting plenty of it. A good rule of thumb for the amount of exercise your dog needs is three times a week. Doing this to conquer the energy issue is huge, this is because it can also help calm down aggressive behaviour. This is also great for you as you will be exercising and becoming healthier with your dog. Basically, it’s a win – win situation.

Separation Anxiety Issues

We all know how loving Golden Retrievers can be, however if they aren’t trained properly they can become too attached to you.Separation anxiety is the end result of this.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is. If it’s not dealt with swiftly it can lead to destructive behaviour involving your dog, your home and your possessions. This problem needs to be addressed promptly and can only be done so by positive reinforcement and the correct training.


The key is to employ consistency with your training. Doing something once and then totally going against it is not consistency and will only confuse your dog. This is inconsistent behaviour and will not help. You must be consistent. For more help on this subject please check out my Secrets to Dog Training review for a great product.