This year, when you’re thinking about Halloween fun and ways to include your dog, how about having a Halloween-themed party just for him and your friends with dogs? Parties for dogs are lots of fun. They give your dog a chance to have a play date with his friends and you can have a good time with your friends. And it’s lots of fun to decorate with the doggy Halloween theme.

If you would like to have a Halloween party for your dog and his friends, here are some ideas you can use.

Send invitations in advance
. You can use invitations for human Halloween parties but make sure it’s clear that the party is for dogs. Or, you can look online for doggy invitations. Or you can even make your own invitations. Some people are very creative and tuck paper invitations inside a Pupperoni stick, for example, to hand deliver them.

Keep guest numbers manageable. You won’t want to invite more dogs and guests than you can manage in your home and yard. Dogs can be very rambunctious when they get together in a group so keep the numbers low. If it rains, you will need to have all the dogs inside your house at the same time, too.

Plan for a daytime party. Daytime parties are usually easier to plan and they allow the dogs to play in your backyard. This also allows your guests to attend human Halloween parties in the evening.

Decorate with a Halloween theme. You can use many of the usual Halloween decorations – with a twist. Use rawhide bones in a fake cemetery in your backyard. Carve dogs and dog faces on pumpkins. Use hollowed out pumpkins for water bowls in the yard. (Be sure to supply multiple water bowls so dogs have lots of places to drink.)

Halloween treats. You can find lots of Halloween-themed treats for dogs online or you can bake your own Halloween-themed cupcakes and cakes for dogs. There are plenty of good dog treat and snack recipes online. Decorate in Halloween colors of black and orange. Be sure to use some black cats for fun.

Party favors
. Give out fun party favors to your doggy guests such as doggy treats and snacks and toys from the dollar store.

Party activities. Fun activities for a doggy Halloween party can include bobbing for frozen hot dogs and for apples, a photo booth so owners and their dogs can get their pictures made (or a photographer snapping pics), and a costume parade, But mostly at these events, the dogs have a great time playing together.

Keep things under control. Keep dogs leashed unless they already know each other and play together well. Be sure to provide treats and snacks in different sizes to accommodate dogs of different sizes. Don’t let the dogs raid the treat bowls or they will likely wolf all the treats down at one time. Keep an eye on all food items.

Doggy Halloween parties are loads of fun for people and for dogs. Really, parties for dogs in conjunction with just about any holiday can be fun. It just takes a little creativity and planning. The humans have just as much fun as the dogs. So, find a costume for your dog, get some treats and snacks, and send out some invitations to your doggy friends. You and your dog will have a scary good time!