Safety Tips for Your Dog on Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for people and for pets but there can also be some risks on this spooky night, especially for your dog. Here are some things to be aware of so your dog will have a good time, too.

Halloween parties. If you plan to have a party or any kind of gathering at your home on Halloween, don’t allow your dog to become stressed out. Not every dog enjoys being in the midst of a group of rowdy humans. Give your dog a quiet place to sleep, such as your bedroom, and close the door during the party. Leave him with lots of toys and safe things to chew on, and check on him often. If your dog enjoys being around people you should still keep an eye on him during the gathering to make sure he’s not becoming too tired or overly excited. Make sure guests don’t give your dog chocolate, candy, or other foods that are bad for dogs.

Chocolate. Most dog owners know that chocolate is a no-no for dogs. It contains a substance called theobromine which can be toxic to dogs if they eat enough of it – and it doesn’t take a lot to be harmful to a small dog. Theobromine is also found in coffee, tea, and cola beverages so you shouldn’t allow your dog to drink any of these beverages either. Halloween can be a dangerous time for dogs because of all the chocolate and other candies at hand. Be sure you don’t leave chocolate where your dog can get it. Non-chocolate candies can contain sugar which your dog doesn’t need, or xylitol, a sugar substitute which is bad for dogs. Raisins and grapes can also be toxic to dogs. So be very careful about giving any Halloween treats to dogs. Stick to doggy treats.

Doorbells and people at the door. On Halloween night your dog could become stressed out by the doorbell ringing constantly and people showing up at the door. If you have a lot of visitors at your door and your dog is becoming upset or too worked up, consider crating him or putting him in another part of the house where he won’t be near the door opening and closing.

Costumed strangers. Your dog might become upset at the sight of strangers in costume. Afterall, some costumes can be very surprising! Keep your dog calm. Remember to keep your dog leashed if you leave the house.

Jack o’ Lanterns. Jack o’ Lanterns and candles can be fire hazards if you have a dog. Even a happily wagging tail can knock over a candle and set things on fire. If you will be using a Jack o’ Lantern, consider using a flashlight inside. It’s safer, even if it’s less traditional.

Keep your dog inside. For his safety, keep your dog inside on Halloween. Unfortunately, there are people who like to play pranks on Halloween and some of them can be cruel. Keep your dog safely indoors on Halloween.

Halloween costumes
. Halloween costumes can be lots of fun but if your pet is going to wear one, make sure that it is comfortable for him and don’t leave him unattended. Many dogs will chew a costume or rip it off when you aren’t looking. It’s possible that your dog could hurt himself if you don’t supervise him.

Use these tips to have a happy and safe Halloween with your dog and he’ll have a howlingly fun time!