People have been taking herbal remedies for a wide variety of ailments for many generations. Who doesn’t know, for instance, that peppermint will help you to calm an upset stomach? The idea of using tinctures created from various plants to ease ailments including stomachaches, skin conditions, and anxiety are as old as time itself, and their use has helped people all over the world feel better. Well it seems that our four legged friends can sometimes benefit from these types of treatments as well, and a growing number of veterinarian naturopaths and holistic healers are producing herbal tinctures for pets that are working wonders for many of the common ailments felt by the furry set.

Herbs for dogs, you say? Well, yes. You’ve definitely noticed that dogs instinctively eat plants like grass in order to get more nutrients and to help calm an upset stomach, so it is not such a crazy idea. Nowadays, there are commonly and commercially accessible tinctures for your pets for ailments from chronic joint inflammation to anxiety, and from stomach problems to incontinence. Additionally , there are treatments available to help detox your dogs system after they are recovering from an ailment or from eating something toxic.

Of course, it ought to go without saying that no person should try to treat their pet’s illnesses on their own, or from what they read on the web. Whatever treatments you give your dog should have the endorsement of your veterinarian, no ifs ands or buts about it. Simply because something is natural doesn’t mean that it is safe for your particular pet, and there is always the chance of side effects or allergies that you could not anticipate. Additionally it is extremely important to note that giving these types of treatments to a pregnant or lactating pet is a clear and definite no-no.

There are lots of holistic and naturopath vets to choose from, so find one that you like and trust and always get their approval, or ask your traditional vet if there may be natural treatments for what your furry friend is experiencing, and if there is a trusted supplier or website where you can find the tinctures. Depending on the ailment, both you and your veterinarian might be able to find some safe and proven natural remedies for dogs that can help to get Rover up and roving again in no time.

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