How to House Train a New Dog or Puppy

New puppy, new buddy, new rules
If you get a new puppy, you should have nerves of steel. Patience is something you will need lots of when housebreaking your new bundle of joy. Puppies need to visit the little dog’s room approximately six times a day. As soon as you feed them, you should take them out so they could relieve themselves, because a full stomach means pressure on their tiny bladders and digestive system.
Your housebreaking routine should be effective as soon as possible so that the new puppy can learn quickly and so that you do not have a lot of messes to clean up. The faster you establish a good routine the more time you have to cuddle with your new puppy.
When your puppy needs to go
Watch out for signs that means your puppy needs to do number 1 or number 2, signs such as turning in circles, being restless or even squeaking loudly. Form a good bathroom routine that you and your puppy can follow, setting up a small box that is easy to clean and your puppy can easily access in a part of the house can help establish this routine. If it is possible, train your puppy to relieve itself outside.
Whatever routine you develop, stick to it. Puppies need to learn the rules, and you need to be consistent. You need to show them how they have to behave, especially in the early weeks when puppies still cannot control their bladders. An early well established routine will ensure that your puppy becomes housebroken and happy.
What is your dog thinking?
You have to be aware that dogs do not think the same way as we do. Positive reinforcement, praise and punishment can teach your dog right from wrong. When housebreaking your dog, try to praise or punish its actions immediately, so that the little fellow can relate what it did wrong. Especially when you are housebreaking them, do not let them relieve themselves where it is inappropriate and you punish them later. You should either praise or punish them when they do something.
When you get a new dog you have to make sure to housebreak them as well, similarly to puppies they need to be taught what is expected from them. Do not let them control you and try to make sure you set yourself up as an authoritative figure. Because they have already been taught.
A new dog, a new buddy
Having a new dog in your house means that you will have to change a lot of things to accommodate your new buddy. Housebreaking your new dog also implies that you will have to be careful what its previous diet was and how you will form the new diet. With new eating habits also comes bathroom habits. Just when teaching a new puppy, you have to have patience and the will to train your new dog to obey the house rules.
Whenever housebreaking your new dog, always pick the same spot for them to relieve themselves, to form a routine. Pay attention to signs, pacing in place, soft moaning sounds, looking at the door and similar signs can mean that your dog is ready to go.

– Catherine Daniels, huge animal lover, loves writing about them in spare time, enjoys hiking with her dog Cookie and cuddling with her cat Zoe.