How do I clean up dog urine

Dogs don’t come up from the breeder already housebroken thus one of the first trainings a dog owner has to undertake is to train the dog to use its own bathroom. Accidents inside the house will still happen even if the dog was already trained to eliminate in the designated spot.

No matter how you love the pet, you will certainly be irritated at its habit of urinating on the Oriental rug or on the new couch. Can the dog have a grudge to settle and it is punishing the owner by making a mess on the carpet instead of on the easy to clean tiled floor? The dogs urine must be cleaned immediately not only because of the stain it will create but also to prevent the horrible smell from filling the house.

The spot soiled by the dog’s urine must be cleaned not only because of the unsightly stains but also because dogs have the tendency to eliminate on the spot that has the smell of their excrements. Dogs have the tendency to poop and pee on the same spot that has the smell of their excrements and because they have ultra sensitive noses, they can unerringly find the spot.

Tiled floors are easier to clean as you simply need to blot the urine with old towels and use an equal measure of vinegar and water to clean the spot. Cleaning fresh urine will be easier as the puddle of urine that is not yet absorbed by the carpet can be soaked by using old towels. Towels are absorbent but you can help soak the urine by stepping on the folded towel to apply pressure. Replace the soaked towel with another and when urine is fully absorbed, you can sprinkle baking soda on the soiled spot to remove the horrible smell of the dog’s urine.

Cleaning urine would be difficult if the urine was already absorbed by the carpet as the urine will move farther out and can no longer be soaked by the towel. If the urine has already dried and all you see on the carpet is the stain, you need pour about half a cup of vinegar and water mixture to the stain. Allow the carpet to soak the solution for about five minutes and then use towels to blot up the liquid. Sprinkle baking soda to eliminate urine odor. And then run the vacuum cleaner to remove remaining liquid.

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