Dogs are one of the intelligent animals but owners should never make the mistake of expecting the pet to have right and wrong values. A dog will not understand the reason why it was punished and vanished to a crate by jumping on an all dolled up master when jumping and giving sloppy kisses is its usual way of greeting.

How will you go about disciplining a dog to corrects its undesirable habits of barking and chewing excessively, of raiding trash cans and eating spoiled food, of tormenting smaller pets? Dogs are highly attuned to what humans feel thus these animals can easily interpret and understand the facial expression and body movement of human. Dogs are cunning little and not so little rascals that would know how to achieve an imploring look to get away from the wrath of the master. But this does not mean that your designer shoes will be safe from the dog’s sharp teeth. To modify an unwanted and destructive behavior it is necessary for the dog to be disciplined. The owner of a dog that has been destructive would rant and rave or punish the dog physically however, these forms of reprimand would be ineffective in correcting the dog’s bad behavior. The dog would not learn anything and would never associate the smacking to the bag-chewing incident.

In a dog/human relationship, the human should always be viewed as the leader of the pack. Dogs being lower in rank must follow humans. Training would do a lot in preventing development of inappropriate behavior. Any kind of dog training is best started when the dog is still young. Commands to discipline a dog must given in an authoritative voice.

One effective way if disciplining the dog is to make the dog hate doing the destructive behavior . Spray the dog with cold water every time it starts to bark or spray the furniture leg with Bitter Apple.

To make the dog associate the disciplinary action with the bad behavior, reprimands must be made while the dog is doing the act. As soon as the dog is seen about to do one of its destructive acts give a STOP or NO command. Disciplining the dog cannot be accomplished at once but consistent training that is reinforced with lots of praise and treats will eventually modify the dogs unwanted behavior.

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