Dog owners would know that the pet has a nose-wrinkling odor. The dog’s distinct odor that cannot be removed with grooming is the reason for the “smell like a dog” phrase. A pet owner has to live with the one of a kind smell that is used by the dog to identify each other as this kind of smell cannot be removed. Dog lovers would always want to have the dog around but these people are often heard grumbling about the unpleasant smell of the pet. With all the benefits you get from being a dog owner do you really think it is just to complain about the unpleasant odor of the pet?

We know that dogs are unending sources of affection and loyalty. It is certainly nice to have a pet that can be hugged and kissed every time you need comforting. But how can you hug a pet if the abhorrent smell would linger in your clothes? Don’t fret – you can still hug and kiss your pet as there are ways to get rid of the dog’s unpleasant odor.

Filthy dogs are expected to have repulsive smells. Dogs have the inclination to roll in rotting animals, to wallow in stagnant water and to raid trash cans for food. The stench resulting from these factors can be easily removed by bathing the dog. Warm water and shampoos formulated for pets must be used.

Thorough rinsing and drying is important. A coat that is allowed to stay damp would be a rich breeding ground for bad smell-causing bacteria. Dog owners would always hear about the recommendation of dog experts not to bathe the dog frequently as it removes the natural oils and cause skin problems that give the dog an abhorrent smell. In between bathing, you can use dog powder to freshen the smell of the dog.

Dried feces on the dog’s rear end and other smelly objects that clings to the fur can be the reason for the dog’s horrible smell. Groom the dog regularly to remove smelly objects that cling to the fur and prevent you from hugging the pet. Brush the coat regularly and trim the hair on the dog’s anal area. A dog owner will find it difficult to get rid of the dog smell that is associated with medical concerns. Ear infections, bad breath, impacted anal glands and skin infections can be the reasons why the dog is stinky.

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