Dogs being man’s best friends have not only offered companionship but protection as well. Dogs that are purposely developed for protection work are trained to discriminate dangerous situations and to bark to alert the master. Barking is a natural behavior of dogs thus it may be thought that a training that will hone the dog’s instinct to bark is no longer necessary. Dogs already know how to bark but as the objective of the training is to make the dog learn when to bark and when not to bark, this task would not be so easy after all. The training’s objective is to hone the dog’s discriminatory instinct so that it will only bark at situations that need the master’s attention.

The objective of the training is to enhance the discriminatory skill of the dog so that when it barks the master will know that something needs his attention. Curbing the natural behavior to bark would be difficult especially for dogs known to be excessive barkers. Dogs bark at the slightest sound. It is rather amusing to see dogs bark at the shadows of the leaves on the trees. Training the dog to bark though can be done.

Many methods can be used to train the dog to bark but considering individual differences, a method may not be effective to all. Any kind of training method will be more effective if positive reinforcement is used. Making the dog bark is actually controlling the dog’s inclination to bark. Position the leashed dog near the gate where the pet will be enticed to bark at passersby.

Generally, dogs will bark at anyone that passes by so you will be given a chance to command the dog to stop barking. “Quiet” or “No bark” given in a firm authoritative voice will let the dog know that you, the alpha male means business. Repeated training sessions will make the dog understand that barking at “harmless” people like postmen and delivery crews is not a done thing.

Train the dog to bark indiscriminately by asking a person unfamiliar to the dog to enter the gate. Command the dog to bark as soon as the person approach the gate or the door. Speak and Bark are some of the commands that can be used. As soon as the dog barks immediately praise or reward the dog with a treat. Consistent training using the same command will eventually make the dog learn discriminatory barking. Always reward or praise the dog every time it obeys your command. The positive reinforcement will be associated by the dog to obeying your command and will entice the dog to respond to the training.

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