Your dog barks so that she can communicate with you . Despite this, there are several times when the barking can become too much, and you without doubt ask yourself, “How can I stop my dog barking” ? It is really crucial to prevent dog barking right from the start . If you train your dog well, she should be in a position to respond in an appropriate way to any given predicament, knowing when to bark, and when not to .

How can I stop my dog barking when it is caused by a lack of exercise?

A principal cause of unwanted barking (i.e. repetitive and directed at nothing) is nervous, agitated energy, which your dog gets from not having enough exercise . If you continue to ask yourself, “How can I stop my dog barking” in this regard, simply ensure that she gets enough sufficient exercise, whether in the shape of lengthy walks, runs, or playtime.

It is important not to always give in every single time your dog barks, or she will soon figure it out that continuous barking will lead to the results she wants.

How can I stop my dog barking when the cause is boredom?

Your dog is a social animal by nature, and requires lots of interaction, stimulation, and communication . You have undoubtedly from time to time noticed your dog start to bark for no real reason ? She is more than likely bored, and in need of some of your attention and affection .

If you are wondering what to do about the barking when this comes about , you should stimulate your dog by playing with her and giving her a good deal of attention . Don’t do this every single time, however, or else your dog will know which buttons to push . As much as we treasure our dogs, we need a semblance of a life as well .

Your dog also barks to get your attention

Your dog may well bark for attention, especially if she has previously been rewarded for it .

Take the example of you watching television . Your dog desires your attention, and starts off barking. You stop what you are doing, and go play with your dog . At a later point, the barking commences again, as does, you guessed it, the playing . Your dog is now of the mindset that she will get what she desires whenever she barks . This can be especially frustrating when you are wanting to stop dog barking at night.

If you are asking yourself or others, “How can I stop my dog barking” under these circumstances, think about just ignoring your dog’s barks . This may sound cold, especially when you are learning how to stop a barking puppy, but it has to be done. Do not look at your dog when the barking starts, and do not say anything. Rather, continue the activity that you are engaged in . Patience and consistency are vital for you to remember. Expect there to be more barking initially, but do not give in. Be extremely consistent in your approach, and you will see some positive results .

Time to see the veterinarian

Overall, if despite all of your efforts to stop dog barking, the barking stays constant , you may well wish to seek advice from a veterinarian about the chance of mild sedatives as the training process continues. You may possibly also desire to take into account the possibility that your dog is suffering from an underlying medical condition .