Teaching a dog to sit

A pet owner can establish leadership over the dog with obedience training. To be good canine citizens, dogs have to have a leader. Dogs are pack animals thus they need to know their rank in the pack otherwise they will be confused and develop unwanted behaviors. Lack obedience training is one of the common reasons why they end up in animal shelters.

Most dog owners find training the pet a daunting task but having a dog that can do tricks will certainly be a gratifying achievement. Pet owners should not find training the dog to sit an off-putting task as sitting is one of the natural actions of dogs. What an owner needs to accomplish is to make the dog respond to the sit command

Sitting is a natural action of dogs but unless trained man’s best friends would not know what the word sit means. Your task is to introduce the word to the pet by saying sit every time the dog flops on its rear end. Because the word is constantly heard every time the act is done, the word will then be associated by the dog to the action. Dogs are renowned for their short attention spans thus they get distracted easily. To gain the dog’s attention, short training sessions must be conducted in an area with very few distractions. Use the dog’s favorite treats to entice the dog to obey the command.

Playing with the dog before a training session will make the dog manifests its eagerness to please and make the dog respond well to training. Get the dog’s attention by calling its name in a clear happy voice. Holding a piece of treat, wave your hand to get the dog’s attention. Being food motivated, the dog will be forced to sit to get the treat that is held over its head. Be sure not to hold the treat too high lest it makes the dog jump. Give the sit command before the dog sat to get the treat. Give the treat as soon as the dog sits. Through the reward the dog will learn what must be done if the sit command is heard.

Patience and positive attitude is the key to a successful training. Five to ten minute training sessions conducted two to three times everyday will eventually make the dog obey the command even without seeing a treat.

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