No matter how much a dog owner “guards” the pet, the possibility that it can get pregnant cannot be avoided as long as the pet is not spayed. It would not be possible to watch the dog all the time and a dog in heat and the dog it has bestowed its favors will do anything possible to meet. The dog in heat will break away from the leash, dig tunnels and jump over a high fence just to be with the male dog. Dogs have survived in the wild even without human intervention but pet dogs are well loved pets and a dog owner would make sure that the pet will be safe even if the pregnancy is planned or not. What are the telltale sign that the pet will soon to be a proud momma of cuddly furry puppies?

A vet can best confirm the pet’s pregnancy. Through the use of pregnancy kits, ultra sound and blood tests, a vet can confirm the pregnancy of the pet. Expert dog breeders would know if the dog is pregnant or not simply by recognizing physical and behavioral changes.

Similar to the difference in personalities, dogs would show different pregnancy symptoms. Your pet may or may not show telltale sign of pregnancy. The dog’s disinterest in food is one of the first signs of pregnancy. Dogs are food motivated thus they have huge appetites. Similar to pregnant humans, a pregnant dog may be off food and may have morning sickness as well. As the pregnancy progresses, the dog that had very little interest in food would start to crave food so that the pet would seem to be always ravenous.

We know dogs to be lively and active animals but a considerable decrease in energy will be noticed in pregnant dogs. The once very energetic pet that would jump up and down every time you open the door will appear to be lethargic. Dogs are sweet animals but pregnant pets would be more affectionate to their human family. Due to hormonal change, the dog would constantly crave for the attention of the master.

Pregnant dogs will gain weight not only because the appetite has returned but also because of the puppies growing inside the womb. The nipples will turn pinkish in color and will appear to be enlarged as the pregnant dog prepares to nurse the puppies. The growing puppies will make the belly firmer to the touch. A swelling of the vulva will be noticed as the dog nears the delivery date. Blankets, clothes and papers will be gathered by the dog to prepare the “nest”.

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