The Best Way To Train Your Dog To Stay

Beside the “sit” command, the “stay” command habitually comes next in training your pet dog. Unlike other instructions that involve action, the “stay” command does not require any action. Upon training your dog to stay you are making your dog to not do any unnecessary action and thus giving your dog with a lot of distractions in successfully following this command. Nevertheless with the right amount of training and persistence, your mutt will have complete comprehension of this command.

The stay command is when your pooch stands in the same posture without moving a step. She could be seated, standing, or lying down when you execute this command. Be certain that in tandem with training your dog to stay, you also make her aware of a release command. A release command is an indication that the stay command is ended and they can move from the position.

Order your pet dog to sit or lie down. It is nice to have her on a comfortable position. You really need to train your dog to stay from diverse postures individually. Nonetheless we will start with the seated position.

Whereas your pet dog is in sitting position, put your palm in front of her just comparable to a “stop” police gesture then utter “stay”. Then gradually move away from her until you are about two steps away. Afterward when you are at the proper distance, turn around and remain in front of your dog. During this phase you will need to repeat telling the word “stay” for about couple of times.

Stay up for just a few seconds first, if it is the first time of training your dog to stay about 3 seconds will do, and after 3 seconds go back to her side then you will say “okay” and permit your dog to move.

After that give her a treat and compliment her for doing a good work. Do not provide her a treat if she unexpectedly moves without your permission for the reason that she may assume that she’s getting the treat for moving and not staying immobile. Repeat the entire method several times per day and regularly raise the time she stays and raise the distance between you and your dog.

In training your dog to stay, it is more or less similar to teaching her how to sit. However, the variation of this command from sitting is that the moment you give her a treat is not immediate, meaning, to be able to let your dog discern that what she is performing is correct, in this case you want her to stay, you have to permit some time to elapse before you offer her a treat but not too long. Also, training your dog inside your domicile you may well also try training your dog to stay out-of-doors where there are a lot of latent distractions for her and by doing so, she can get used to the stay command out-of-doors even with a lot of distractions around. 

You have to realize that training your dog to stay is not a simple mission.  You need patience and time to get this right.  Your comportment in teaching your dog will greatly act on her progress.  Compliment and prove your pooch that she is performing correctly each and every time she does it right. Do not accelerate the process and take as much time as needed to educate your pet dog this command as it will be of major profit for the both of you.

Once you are done training your dog to stay and she has mastered this, you will have the opportunity to show off your dog to your guests when they visit. The most rewarding thing in the world is possessing a pet dog you can be proud of. Accordingly be patient training your pooch and both of you will reap the benefits.

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