Dog owners are continuously warned against leaving the dog inside a car with closed windows as overheating can result to the death of the dog. But did you know that allowing these pets to stick their heads out of car windows is dangerous as well. A dog owner’s tendency to have the pet around at all times is not surprising as dogs are really outstanding companions.

Toy breed are commonly seen being carried by their owners in trendy dog carrying bags. Dogs are well loved and even considered as the owner’s baby thus they are commonly made to wear clothes and trendy collars and leashes. Dogs riding in cars are ordinary sights but people will certainly notice a bespectacled dog’s head sticking out of a passing car’s window.

Dogs are very curious animal. Being a dog owner you surely have noticed that your pet would love to run without the restrictions of a leash as in that way it can have the freedom to investigate any interesting movements and sounds. In a car, a dog would not have the freedom to follow wherever their ultra sensitive senses would lead them but by sticking the head out of windows, the dog will be exposed to the succession of changing scenery. By sticking the head out of the car window, the dog can smell the mouth watering aroma of McDonald burgers being grilled a couple of miles away.

Dogs love to feel the cool breeze in their faces and sticking the head out of car windows is akin to running unrestricted by a leash. Dogs have a rather poor cooling system. A dog would only stick the head out of the window and hang out the tongue to cool itself.

A dog wearing goggles and sticking the head out of the car window will attract attention. Dog owners would allow the dog to hang the head out of windows as an owner of a good looking dog will attract attention too. Allowing the dog to do so would be dangerous. Stones, gravel and tree branches can injure the dog’s eyes. The dog may be well trained and accustomed to sitting serenely inside the car but the honking of another car can startle the dog and cause it to jump out of the window. You want to take the pet with you but you have to make sure that the pet is safe. Accustom the dog to wearing car seat belts and to using dog goggles to ensure the safety of the pet.

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