Training your gun dogs to hunt, whether it’s for flushing, pointing, or retrieving, there are great tools at your disposal.  Bird and Dummy Launchers are available with remote control devices that can be used together or separately to fill your training needs.

Remote Bird and Dummy Launchers

Whichever launcher you’re using (bird or dummy), you can use a remote control with it, allowing you to train your dog without having extra trainers to run the launchers for you.  Without a remote, you’ll need a person at each launcher to “man the switch.”  This can be distracting for the dog.

Bird launchers allow you to use numerous sounds as well as various beeps to ensure that your dog becomes familiar sounds that he will hear while hunting.  Use of a dummy launcher or a bird launcher will of course depend on the type of training you need for your dog.  Since the goal in training your dog is ensuring he is an effective hunting companion, these launchers are a necessary and helpful tool.

Remote Bumper Launchers

This is your secret weapon in teaching your dog to learn to retrieve came. The dummy launcher is for those who work alone and you allow you to launch your dummies at a height and distance that is far greater than throwing it yourself.  This allows your dog to learn to retrieve game that is further away.  This is especially helpful when you consider that if you were using hand launching followed by shooting; your dog would become accustomed to fetching game at close distances.  One of the best features of the remote launchers is that you can use the accompanying sounds to train your dog to react as if he were hunting actual game (ducks, pheasant, etc.).

Remote Bird Launchers

If you are training either a pointing or a flushing dog, you will want to use bird launchers.  One of the most significant advantages to these is the ability to set up multiple launchers to act as if it were an actual hunting area.  Since dogs are hunters by nature, they need only be trained to honor another dog’s point and of course to effectively flush out birds.  Bird launchers offer the best opportunity to do this.  Pointing dog trainers have effectively used these for many years and currently flushing dog trainers are beginning to use them more regularly as well.  Since bird launchers have a spring latch that releases the prey low to the ground, they are ideal for training your hunting dog to quickly learn the skills he needs to successfully hunt quail and pheasant.