The Importance of Dog Training


So you are probably thinking that any kind of training will spoil the relationship you have with your dog.  After all pampered dogs should get away with things, that’s what being spoiled is all about.  So he barks uncontrollably and pulls at the leash when going for a walk, and you do have to put him in another room anytime somebody knocks on the door so you can get the door open, but that’s OK because your dog rules the house.  He is spoiled rotten, right?  Well, not really.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but in spite of your dog not being human he is expected to act polite.  Sure your dogs’ antics may seem  adorable to you, you might think it’s cute when he jumps up and scratches the door or jumps all over company, but his victims are not amused.

You might think you don’t want to exercise the authority to discipline him and have what it takes to make him behave and that’s quite all right, really.  Being a dog owner doesn’t require to just jump in and start cracking the whip.  You are right in denouncing the pathetic idea that humans must dominate and establish who the boss is when dealing with animals.

Where you are wrong though is in your basic understanding of dog training.  You need to realize that training your dog is not proving how much better you are than he is.  You are not trying to teach him ‘human rules’  thereby trying to make it more ‘human’.  Training is not a way of ‘humanizing’ a dog, it is a way of improving the relationship you have with your dog and making him more sociable.

‘What’s the point of that?’ you might wonder.  Well, most of us spend the better part of our lives working at the office, taking care of personal business, online etc.  The little time we get to spend with our family and pets we try to blend with some sort of socializing.  We go for a walk after dinner or over to a friends’ house for a movie.  If our dogs are unfriendly and act up, we leave them behind, at home, alone.  Soon our dog is barely a part of our lives at all.

Now, just like humans, pets get lonely too.  It gets lonely when left by himself, alone, in a dark house with nobody to pat him on the head or pet him.

So you see, by not training your dog, you keep your dog from enjoying the company and activities he would like to do.

Obedience training is a means of letting your dog cope better with his environment.  It grants every dog an easier life and makes him easier to live with.  Training your dog will give you an opportunity to spend more time with your beloved pet, no matter where you are going.

So get in there and give your dog a pat on the head and take him out for training. A few magic words like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’ and ‘come’ with change the relationship you have with your companion forever.