Is My Dog Depressed and What Do I Do?

Yes, pets can get depressed and there are many reasons why it happens. To find out why it is that your dog is melancholy, the best thing you may do is to check out the circumstances in the animal’s life. This can aid in getting improved control of the scenario that you are in.

02/10/2011 Houston, TX – Marcus Slivers is a dog owner living in the bounds of Houston. “We really are big dog people and love our pets,” said Slivers. “That’s why we are concerned when one of our pets gets sad or depressed, specially if we can do something to help it.” He also was there at the launch of the new webpage –

It is a very familiar topic in one of the communities that talked about weimaraner issues. One of the most popular issues brought on by dog pet owners is the weimaraners penchant for separation anxiety. There were also reports of certain dogs who were sad when they were abandoned by owners.

Depression can be common in weimaraners as the animals have an inclination to be owner oriented. The condition can be very common  in other dogs and it can affect them, regardless what their age. One really common cause of melancholy is the passing away of an owner or of a partner animal. If the pet’s principal carer passes away or leaves, there is an excellent chance that it will go into major depression as it starts to fail to notice the company. If there is a loss of partner dogs through either death or by being given away, dogs cam also show signs of listlessness and desolation.

Bitches with puppies also may show signs of sadness when their offspring are given away. This is absolutely common in dogs who have had puppies. In some cases, when there is more than one whelping dog in an area, females who have had puppy dogs die may take the live puppies of another.

There are a lot of different signs of melancholy in a dog. Most owners will complain that their dog is no longer acting like its old self. There are a great deal of dogs who are going to be less active. Some dogs will whine and could even spend a lot of time in places that remind them of some of the things they have lost. They also may decline to eat or eat a whole lot.

The way that someone can cope with weimaraner issues in their dog is to try and spend as much time with the animal as you possibly can. If the weimaraner is a sole pet in your own home, try socializing it with neighborhood animals. Play with the weimaraner more and you must also endeavor to change their diet.   Doing that could be helpful to pique their appetite. If the animal is eating excessively, then cut back on what you are giving it. If the animal is only getting down to lay around doing nothing, you ought to take the animal for more frequent walks. Always remember that dogs are gonna be bred as partner animals, they can get really sad when they are left alone.