An Intro To Kidney Disease In Dogs

Your dog’s kidneys are responsible for eliminating toxic wastes and keeping the correct balance of chemicals in the blood. Your dog will develop kidney disease when these vital organs can no longer perform their duties properly. This article will give you a introduction to kidney disease in canines.


This condition can either be acute or chronic. The acute form appears out of nowhere. Sometimes, it can can permanent damage. Dogs of any age are susceptible to this condition. Chronic kidney disease is progressive, and develops slowly over time. Older dogs are usually affected by this form.


Your dog can develop kidney disease for many reasons. Ingestion of toxic substances such as antifreeze or rat poison is a common reason. Medical conditions such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, and heart disease also increase the risk. Kidney function will naturally decline with age, so aging also plays a role.


Dogs with this condition will exhibit many different symptoms. Dogs will start drinking more water. This results in increased urination. Dehydration can also become a problem. Loss of appetite, muscle weakness, and discolored teeth are also common. It’s also common for there to be diarrhea in canines.


It’s important to have your dog checked out if he displays some of these symptoms. Your dog will have to submit a blood and urine sample to be analyzed. Other tests to detect this disease include an x-ray, ultrasound, and biopsy of the kidney. A kidney biopsy is the most definitive method of diagnosis.


The underlying problem needs to be dealt with first. Your dog will likely be given intravenous fluids. This will help remove toxic wastes from his bloodstream. Your dog will need to have dialysis if the intravenous fluids don’t do the job.

There is nothing the vet can do to treat the chronic form of this disease. Treatment involves trying to slow down the progression of the disease. It’s also important that your dog drinks plenty of water and be placed on a special diet.

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