Learning basic first aid for the pet

Do I really need to learn how to administer first aid to my dog? My dog’s vet is a neighbor. Do you have the same viewpoint? When it comes to the health concerns of the pet, a vet consultation would certainly be the best bet. However, the vet may not always be around. Dog owners customarily take the pet wherever they go as these animals make wonderful companions. An owner’s knowledge of first aid methods would be very useful in emergency situations where vets are not available to administer treatments. The first aid methods learned can even save the life of the pet.

A dog owner needs to act fast in emergency situations to save the life of the pet. To save the injured pet, a dog owner would rush to an emergency facility however, in most serious cases, the pet would expire before treatment is given. The life of the pet could have been saved had the owner thought of administering first aid. However only very few owners can recognize the symptoms of life threatening situations and not many dog owners have learned to give first aid to the pet

First aid for humans and for dogs are pretty similar. The only difference is that with pets, an owner has to be cautious as dogs in pain tend to be aggressive. Basic first aid can be easily learned from animal shelters. It is also possible to learn first aid methods from the vet. First aid can be learned as well from veterinary hospitals.

Learning first aid would be easier by using the ABC approach. A is for airways, B stands for breathing and C for circulation. The airways of the dog has to be checked; owner needs to see if the dog is still breathing. If the heart is beating, it means that the blood is circulating. Artificial respiration must be done to revive dogs that are not breathing. Dogs usually have the ability to heal themselves thus bleeding of minor wounds will be licked. Pressure applies on the wound would be necessary to stop severe bleeding.

Dog owners can never totally prevent accidents that will injure the pet. To be able to administer emergency care, a pet owner has to learn how to administer first aid treatments. Due to the training, vets no doubt will be able to administer appropriate treatment to an injured pet but dog owners can alleviate the pet’s pain and even save the life of the dog with first aid skill and a well equipped first aid kit.

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