Leash Training Basics

It’s not much fun to walk your dog when he is pulling or running circles around you. Yet most of us have to use the leash to walk our dogs all the time. You may have to walk your dog so he can potty. We have to use the leash when we take dogs to the vet or the pet groomer, or anywhere else. It’s important for dogs to have good leash manners, both for their own safety and for ours. Here’s how to teach your dog leash training basics. It’s easiest to teach a puppy these basics but you can teach your dog to walk politely on a leash at any age.

Choosing a collar and leash
Leash training basics begin with choosing a collar and leash for walking your dog. A flat buckle collar is a good choice for your dog. Choose a collar that is comfortable for your dog. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck once you put it on your dog. A nice nylon collar is suitable for most dogs or you can use a leather collar. Do not buy an expensive leather collar for a puppy as he will quickly outgrow it. You can buy a leash to match the collar if you like. Small dogs usually take a four-foot leash while medium and large dogs will take a six-foot leash.

Walking politely on leash
To teach your dog to walk politely on leash you should choose an enclosed area to practice at first such as a fenced yard. It’s best to go to a place where there are fewer distractions so your dog can focus on you. With the leash attached to the collar, set out with your dog for a short walk with the dog on your left side. Hold the leash in your right hand. Many dogs will soon start pulling or running ahead of you at this point. When your dog starts to pull, you should come to a complete stop. Freeze. Become a statue. Do not take another step. Your dog will not be able to go very far if you make yourself dead weight and he will quickly turn to look at you. When he comes back to you, to see what’s wrong, then you can start walking forward again, with your dog by your side.

No doubt your dog will pull and run ahead again, so when he does, you should once again freeze and come to a complete stop. And your dog will stop and come back to you again to see what’s wrong. Then you can start moving forward. If you repeat these actions every time your dog starts pulling on the leash or getting ahead of you, your dog will soon figure out that if he wants the walk to continue, he has to stay by your side and walk politely.

Eventually you can take your dog out in public to test him and try his leash training with more distractions, but once he learns that he has to walk politely by your side if he wants to go anywhere, dogs are usually much better behaved anytime they are on leash.

Walking politely on a loose leash and knowing the basics of leash training are not the same as heeliing which requires more precision and asks for the dog to sit by your side when you come to a halt. That lesson requires a little more training. But if your dog knows leash training basics, he is well on his way to being a pleasant dog to take for a walk.

Select the proper equipment for dog leash training
You are able to pick among collars made of leather or nylon. It really is less complicated to start off with nylon collars, specifically if you might be instruction a puppy, since they’re lighter and cheaper, even though they may well not last as lengthy as the leather ones. Make certain the collar is securely attached and adjust the size to your dog. A uncomplicated trick should be to make certain you will be able to fit two fingers in between the skin as well as the collar. You’ll be able to also use harnesses, but I would advocate the use of collars in the course of the exercising practice. It will be less difficult to manage your dog. An additional alternative would be to purchase a exercising collar, or “choke chain”. Nonetheless, this kind of collar is generally misused and it can harm your dog if not employed correctly. I would thus advocate to look at with a regular nylon collar first. In case your dog is particularly big, hard to train, shy or aggressive, ask your veterinary to assist you discover and invest in the best exercising collar.

Finding the suitable leash is genuinely crucial for dog leash training. You’ll have the option involving leather, nylon or cotton. Again, I would advocate utilizing nylon leashes, which are lighter and less complicated to handle. To start the coaching, it truly is greatest to use a rather small leash, of about 4 to 6 feet lengthy (2 meters). Dogs adore to wander and throughout the exercising procedure, it’s critical that your puppy or dog stays close to you and understands that you happen to be in manage. You are able to also obtain an extendable leash, just make positive to keep it retracted at the beginning of the education.

Begin the education indoors

Previous to starting, you have to understand that dog Leash Training takes time and patience. Every dog is distinct, and some find out faster than others. It may well take weeks or months of exercising until your dog is perfectly trained, depending on its age, breed and personality. Once thing they have in common nonetheless, is that they all adore going out for a stroll. So do not be surprised in case your dog shows wonderful excitement only at the sight of its collar or leash. Our goal is usually to find out to manage your dog’s enthusiasm, mainly because we do not want it to be run over by cars, to start off jumping on folks or to get into fights with other pets.

To start, command your dog to sit and stay and place the collar around its neck. Attach the leash towards the collar and let it hang. When your dog starts walking, adhere to him. This way your dog will get employed to have you stroll by him with the leash hanging. Then start off to take manage and stroll. In case your dog will not desire to adhere to you, call it with usually the exact same sentence, for example “let’s go” and praise it for its excellent behaviour. In case your dog is reluctant to stroll, look at giving it treats. This must do the trick.

Train outdoors

Now you’re ready to head out with your dog. Make an effort to commence your leash instruction in places with few distractions if feasible, to have your dog’s full attention. As an example, go for the park at a incredibly quiet time. Start off walking and study your dog’s behaviour. In case your dog walks with you, praise it calmly and continue your tour. If you ever must encourage your dog to stroll, use treats and ideally, often hold the treats inside the exact same hand, as an example your left hand. If required, to handle your dog’s excitement, you’ll be able to use two tricks: 1) command it to sit and stay until it calms down or 2) if this doesn’t work, attempt to play with it actively to ensure that it releases most of its energy ahead of the leash coaching. There is no point in yelling or scaring your dog if it isn’t behaving. Just be patient and calm and repeat the method until you succeed!

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