Many people think of dog fashion as frilly dresses and little coats for dogs but dogs need many functional items of apparel. Just because your dog needs to wear something everyday doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

Some of the most basic dog accessories include collars, leashes, and harnesses. Today all of these items come in a myriad of colors, patterns, and styles.


Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or the biggest Mastiff, your dog will need a collar. Collars range from sturdy nylon in solid colors to fancy fabric collars with designs, jewels, glitter, and other beautiful touches. You can choose the perfect collar to suit your dog’s personality or keep a selection of collars to wear on different occasions. In many cases you can purchase collars that match specific costumes or outfits. Some collars are made with cotton or other fabric inlaid over a nylon collar so the collar is both functional and pretty. You’ll find a wide range of these collars available for moderate prices.

You can also find many collars made of fine leather. These collars are usually comfortable for a dog and they are long-lasting. They typically come with plain or squared edges or rolled edges. Better quality leather usually costs more. You can also find braided leather collars and collars that feature elaborate designs sewn into the leather or stamped on the leather.

When choosing a collar for your dog you should buy one that allows you to fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck. It’s usually a good idea to buy less expensive collars for puppies because they will outgrow them quickly. Wait until your puppy is fully grown before buying expensive collars.


You can usually find leashes to match collars, if this is important to you – and if you want your dog to be fashionable, it probably is important. Like collars, leashes range from sturdy nylon in basic colors to fancier designs inlaid in fabric over the leash. They also come in various kinds of leather.

Most leashes are either 4 feet long or 6 feet long. If you intend to do any kind of obedience training then a 6 foot long leash is desirable. If you live in the city and you wish to keep your dog closer to you, a 4 foot long leash might be a good choice for walking on city streets.


The same leash that matches your dog’s collar can also match a harness. There are many harnesses that are made to match collars and leashes. Harnesses are often recommended for dogs that pull on the leash or for very small dogs whose throats might be injured by a collar.

Harnesses can be made with fabric across the dog’s chest. The leash attaches to a ring on the back of the harness, along the dog’s back. In many cases the fabric across the dog’s chest is made of a breathable mesh material so it stretches. The harness buckles around the dog’s waist to stay in place. Harnesses can range from the most basic, functional equipment to attractive items of apparel for your dog.

These are just a few pieces of dog outerwear that virtually every dog needs but there are some other kinds of outerwear for special occasions such as rain gear and doggy boots. We’ll cover those items in the next article.

If you are looking for a good way to keep your dog secure , and still make an excellent fashion statement, consider purchasing several leather dog collars for different occasions.

It doesn’t matter what size your dog is , there is a fashionable collar out there just for them. Many people who turn to leather for their dogs collars have learned that they are tougher , won’t fray, and won’t irritate a dogs skin like some of the synthetic materials. Another advantage is that the colors used to dye the leather won’t bleed onto a dogs fur as long as you purchase one that is made with quality in mind.

As far as security goes, for your dog and the people that love him , leather dog collars have been known to be stronger than most. Depending on your dogs size , the leather may need to be cut wider or even a thicker piece may be used to give added strength . A little dog less than ten pounds isn’t going to need much more than a pretty scrap of leather to keep him in check, but if you have a larger dog that weighs sixty pounds or more , a thicker collar that’s at least one and a half inches wide is going to keep them restrained and safe from hurting themselves or others.

If fashion and beauty are important in your collar purchase , remember that leather can be as beautiful as any synthetic material. There are collars available that are studded with metal studs or stones, tooled with beautiful designs, or even dyed or painted to give more beauty to the most important piece of dog jewelery your dog will ever wear.

Safety for a dog means that your canine companion can’t hurt himself or others, even in stressful situations. It also means that others won’t be able to hurt him because he is safely restrained and always under your control . Not only are leather dog collars vital for the above reasons, but they are also the best to keep tags and owner information on. The tags that hang from your dogs collar can wear at synthetic materials making them weaker, but leather simply isn’t damaged.

When making the choice, look to leather dog collars for beauty, quality workmanship, durability, and longevity. You won’t be making a poor choice but rather, the best choice.