Walk into any toys store or the toy section of any department store and there are shelves and row of toys labeled ?educational toys?. How does a parent or a grandparent choose the greatest educational toys for the kids in their lives? Will the child love it? The temptation is nearly overwhelming to buy children, especially infants, toys that reflect the interests of the giver. Parents, proudly convinced they are raising a child prodigy, create a frustrated youngster when they push the child into playing with toys outside the manufacturer?s suggested age range. Real safety hazards are presented when children are encouraged to play with toys beyond their ability to understand or handle safely.

The second rule of buying educational toys is to keep in touch with the child?s interests. Children grow and develop at rapid rates, both mentally and physically. Continually changing interests are a natural part of this development as the child explores new ideas and concepts. Play is how children learn and educational toys are tools of that play. Educational Toys Should Serve A Purpose And Stimulate The Child

Choose educational toys that stimulate the child. How often have we purchased children a toy and watched them shove the toy aside and play with the box in which it was packaged? Educational toys are of two basic types. Legos, for example, are great educational toys for older pre-school and elementary school aged children. The activity of assembling the Legos also helps develop fine motor skills.

Beware toys that are so highly developed that the game does all of the play. Some video games fall into this category. The child does not have to think or even be especially adept or coordinated physically to play the game. When selecting educational toys, choose quality over quantity. We have discussed children?s continually evolving interests. Youngsters go from toy to toy and cannot decide with which to play. Some children are given so many toys that they remain overwhelmed. Children overwhelmed by the number of toys they are given receive little benefit from the educational toys. Too many toys can be damaging to a youngster.

Parents and grandparents should also concentrate on toys with build-in quality. As we have already discussed, the toy should be designed to stimulate the child?s physical skills or creative abilities. The toy should also be safe and durable for the age group of children for which it was designed. While there are many small manufacturers of excellent toys, when in doubt choose toys made by top-rated companies with time tested brand names. Parents and grandparents can help their youngsters safely develop into happy, healthy and well-rounded young adults with some conscientious attention to the educational toys they choose. Just keep in mind the child?s level of development and current interest and choose toys that are appropriate for that age and interest. Make sure the toy will stimulate the child either physically or creatively.

If you?re looking for toys that are both fun to play with and educational for your child, LEGO toys are a very good option. LEGO toys are known worldwide as one of the best educational toys for children of all age groups. Every child can appreciate the quality of LEGO toys. Apart from being fun, these toys help children develop imagination, creativity, and even social skills.
LEGO toys are probably the best sold toys in history. That is more than 180 billion LEGO pieces! It?s nothing to wonder, because LEGO toys are really great. From a few pieces your child can build the most interesting structures or machines your child can imagine. If your child builds a machine and after a while he gets bored of it, he can always dismantle it and build another one, ten times more interesting than the first one.
What are LEGO toys?

LEGO toys consist of a number of plastic pieces with a special catching device. Your child connects the pieces one to another to create special structures. You can compare it to the assembly of a house from prefabricated pieces. In most LEGO packets you find pieces to build a certain structure or machine. It?s fun to put all the pieces together and to watch how your machine takes shape.
The solution? I had more than one LEGO toy kits and I started combining them to make very sophisticated (and strange) structures. Every time you assemble the pieces you end with a new LEGO structure. What makes LEGO toys so educational?

The thing that makes LEGO toys so educational to children and adults as well is the fact that it stimulates creativity. A child uses his logic more often when playing with LEGO than with other toys.
LEGO are toys that lead to the development of social relationships. Children realize that playing in groups is more fun than alone.

I recommend LEGO toys because they are a great way to stimulate a childs creativity and imagination. LEGO toys aren?t just for children. Even adults like to play like they were little children sometimes.

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