Affordable TPLO Surgeries

The surprisingly affordable TPLO surgery, or tibial plateau leveling osteotomy surgery, offered by veterinary centers such as Downtown Animal Care Center in Denver, Colorado, is now one of the most attractive techniques for repairing injured cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injuries in canines.

There are multiple reasons that dogs experience CCL injuries. Some of the most frequent reasons that dogs injure their CCLs include the following:

  • They are overweight. 75% of dogs are overweight, and their surplus weight puts excessive stress on their “knee” joint and the rest of their bodies.
  • They lack exercise. Because dog owners tend to work five-day weeks, pets do not receive the amount of exercise they require to maintain healthy bodies. Although pet owners might be tempted to lounge around after a long day at work, these individuals must not forget that their canine pals require a lot of exercise in order to keep their bodies thin, flexible, and strong.
  • They suffer from “Weekend Warrior Syndrome,” meaning that they only exercise during weekends, making them more vulnerable to injuries when they are over-exercised on the weekends.

CCL injuries might also result simply due to the makeup of the canine body. Canines’ “knee” joints are always angled, and as a result, their CCLs are always subject to stress from their bodies’ weight. This perpetual stress resulting from canines’ weight makes their CCLs more vulnerable to injury.

Low cost TPLO surgery has been developed to cure CCL injuries in canines. During affordable TPLO surgery, the surgeon examines the level of CCL damage in a dog’s leg, extracts any pieces of the injured ligament in the leg, and operates on the tibia. Using a special curved saw, the doctor then makes a complete cut through the top area of the dog’s tibial bone and adjusts that cut so that the originally “sloped” tibial plateau is virtually flat. A metal plate and screws are then situated on the outside of the bone to hold it in place.

Dogs begin walking roughly 24 hours after low cost TPLO surgeries, and full mobility and exercise ability should be restored between four and six months following these surgeries. Clearly, these cheap TPLO surgeries are the method of choice for curing CCL injuries in dogs.