Dogs with lung cancer have a very serious disease. It’s often fatal. The lungs are rarely the origin for the cancer cells. Instead, most cases occur because the cells travel to the lungs from other parts of the body. Let’s take a look at some of the signs of lung cancer in canines.


In its earliest stages, this type of cancer generally causes no visible symptoms. Heavy breathing and panting are common signs displayed when the cancer advances. Other symptoms start to appear when the cancer cells start spreading to other parts of the body. Weight loss and loss of appetite are common when this occurs.


Dogs diagnosed with lung cancer need to be seen by an oncologist. This type of professional specializes in cancer treatment.

If the disease is still confined to one area, surgery will likely be the preferred method of treatment. Surgery is ineffective if the disease has already spread. After the illness has spread, your dog’s only two treatment options are chemotherapy and radiation.


As mentioned earlier, symptoms don’t usually appear until the later stages. This makes an early diagnosis quite difficult. Therefore, this condition is usually fatal. Depending on how quickly the cancer was diagnosed, the dog can survive for months or even a few years. Euthanization may be suggested as the disease gets worse and more painful.

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