Dog Owner’s Guide To Lymphoma In Dogs

Lymphoma in dogs is a condition that occurs when cancer cells affect lymph tissue. This tissue grows in virtually every organ, so almost any part of your dog’s body can be affected. Middle-aged dogs are usually affected. Here’s a brief introduction to lymphoma in canines.


Dogs with lymphoma with experience swollen lymph nodes. This cancer can affect almost any area of the body, as stated earlier. Dogs with lymphoma exhibit symptoms based on the particular area that’s affected by the cancer cells.

For example, two common areas that are affected by this disease include the gastrointestinal tract and chest. Dogs with damage to the gastrointestinal tract will have loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss. When the chest is affected, your dog may experience shortness of breath.


Lymphoma may be suspected if the lymph nodes are swollen. After your dog receives a physical exam, he will need to submit a urine and blood sample. To be certain if your dog has cancer, the vet will need to biopsy a swollen lymph node. The severity of the disease may also be determined thanks to the biopsy.


If your dog has lymphoma, he will need to undergo chemotherapy. Most dogs experience a remission after taking chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be given orally or by injection. Dogs in the later stages of the disease likely won’t respond to this medication though.


Treatment of dog lymphoma can be effective in bringing about a remission. However, the disease will likely recur sometime in the future. Once the cancer returns, your dog needs chemotherapy again. However, any susequent remission will last half as long as the preceding one. It can become quite costly to treat a dog that has lymphoma. Most dogs don’t survive more than two years after diagnosis.

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