Summertime typically means that dogs spend more time outside. But summer isn’t always kind to your dog’s paws. Whether you live in the city or in the country, your dog’s paws need some special care during warm weather.

Summer paw care for city dogs

Urban dogs tend to spend more time on pavement, whether it’s concrete or asphalt. They even encounter gravel at times. Many dogs take their exercise by going for walks on these surfaces and that can mean walking on some hot surfaces at times. While most dogs can tolerate sidewalks on normal days, when temps heat up, your dog’s paws can burn. Dogs who spend an excessive amount of time on pavement can get blisters and burns on their paws.

Shoes and booties for the city

You can prevent these problems with hot pavement by outfitting your dog with shoes or booties. There are a wide range of dog boots for city use. Most dog boots for city wear are not as rugged-looking as other dog boots. You can find booties in all kinds of colors and styles. If your dog wears dog apparel, many pet stores sell booties to match outfits. You can find everything from booties that resemble tennis shoes to boots that look like socks or that have “toes.” Some booties look more traditional or formal. Whatever kind of bootie you’re looking for, you can probably find.

Paw balm

You can also protect your dog’s paws by using a protective balm. Some protective products can be applied before taking your dog for a walk to help toughen up the paws. Other products are applied after a walk to help soothe the paws. Your dog will probably appreciate all of these efforts to keep his tootsies comfortable.

Regular nail care

Another way to keep your dog’s paws comfortable during the summer is by making sure you keep your dog’s nails trimmed short. Trim your dog’s nails every week or two, removing a small amount of nail each time. Long nails make walking more difficult for your pet and can cause his paw to splay.

If your dog has long hair on his paws, you can also use a pair of scissors to keep the hair neat and tidy. Lift his paws and trim the long hair on the bottom of the paws, too. This will help prevent him from picking up a lot of dirt and debris when he walks.

Paw care for country dogs

If you and your dog live in the country you can follow these same suggestions. There are also a few other things for you to keep in mind. If you and your dog go hiking or walking over rocky terrain, consider getting dog boots for your dog. This is also true if your dog will be out in tall grass and weeds or if you go hunting with your dog. Dogs can get grass awns and foxtails wedged between their toes. Sometimes these sharp plant materials can fester for months and even require surgery to remove them. So, if you and your dog will be in an area where he could pick up something between his toes, think about fitting him with shoes. More and more hunting dogs are wearing dog boots these days, just to be safe.