Ahh puppies. Nothing is so adorable in the whole world as a little puppy. They are even cuddly enough that we do not get too upset the first time they use the new carpet as a restroom. In spite of how adorable they are, though, the moment they get in the habit of relieving themselves in the house, it could get old very easily. Puppy pads are the ideal supply to use in helping to get your new family member acclimated to house training.

All about puppy pads

If you’ve never heard about puppy pads before, or seen one before, they are pretty simple to describe. Puppy pads are large, absorbent pads that become a chosen indooo location for your puppy to go potty. These helpful pads make it simple to clean up and you can throw them away. You should only use them for a short while, though. You don’t want to teachyour dog to consistently use the puppy pad, rather do it to ease him into learning to go outdoors.

Easier Potty Training for Dogs

To work with puppy pads, you need to have a sharp eye on how your puppy acts. Puppies are very little and they have small bladders, so they will likely have to pee regularly. Take notice right after your dog awakens out of dozing, or is done eating or drinking. It’s likely that after only a few minutes, he’s going to have to pee. When the puppy begins to look for a area to go, put him upon the puppy pad. When he eventually relieves himself on the pad, heap on the encouragement and reward him for being so good. After a few of these sessions, you might see that your new dog is going straight to the pad to go potty. When the dog grows bigger, duplicate this process, but get the puppy to go outside the house and progressively ween him off the puppy pads.

Using Puppy Pads Long Term

After your best friend is fully housebroken, you will still have some training pads on hand, just in case. Who knows if you may need to leave the dog on his own for a long time, and you’ll much rather have the dog go on a puppy pad than on the carpet. Should you crate your dog while you are gone, you can position puppy pads below the crate to safeguard the rugs from any accidents which might occur.

Stay Positive

No matter what kind of instruction you are providing your dog, keep in mind they take action best to positive reinforcement. Mishaps will occur, however spend more time cheering for your puppy for going potty in the proper spots, as opposed to concentrating on penalties for going in the incorrect spots. A couple weeks of praise, in addition to utilizing puppypads, ought to provide you with a puppy that is fully house trained.