ID Chip Or Tag For Your Pet?

Many years ago the only way you could ID your pet was to hang a metal tag around their neck. Back then, these tags were made from materials that were quite heavy so, if you had a small pet, it wasn’t always easy to get the information you wanted over the whole tag.

Soon after, a different type of tag was introduced. These were little plastic barrels with a piece of rolled-up paper inside that held all the information someone would need if they found a lost animal. However, for anyone that remembers these and has cats, you will probably recall just how many times you had to replace them.

Cats lead (largely) a fairly secretive life and they get into all sorts of places where a lightweight tag like this could easily be pulled off. So, for lots of manufacturers it was back to the drawing board.

Technology Now

Now, technology has moved on and pet tags in the UK come in all manner of sizes, weights, shapes and colours. You can have lightweight metals, enamel and all manner of other tags that can easily be engraved with the information someone will need if they find your pet.

Manufacturers are able to keep the comfort of your pet in mind as well as produce tags that will hold all the information you need. This is especially important for dogs. It’s illegal in the UK to have a dog without some form of identification.


Micro-chipping your pet has been around in the UK for some-time now and it will actually become law to have a dog micro-chipped in the coming years. However, as many benefits as there are to doing this, there are still a few questions that are being raised by pet owners.

If your pet does become lost and someone who is not familiar with animals comes across them, they may not be aware that because your pet is not wearing a tag, they can easily be identified at a local vet or police station. Instead, they will just think the animal is a stray and go about their business.

As it stands at the moment, micro-chipping can still be a little expensive compared to a pet tag so many people will opt against having it done and there can also be an issue if you change your address. If this happens, you will need to have all the paperwork amended and it may mean another trip to the vets for your pet.

Of course, this sort of identification will help with reducing the problems which occur with animal theft and puppy farms so it should be welcomed as a way of identifying an animal.

Pet Tags

Quite honestly, this sort of tag is something that will never go away. Pet tags in the UK are not just there for vital information about where your pet lives, it’s also a way in which you can accessorize your fluffy little friend.

These days, tags like this are not uncomfortable for your pet to wear in fact; they are so lightweight they won’t even know it’s there.  There isn’t one responsible pet owner on the planet that isn’t proud of their animal and when you receive approving looks or those little “oh, doesn’t she look cute” comments, it makes your heart swell. Tags like this are not just for identification, they’re an accessory just like a bracelet for a human being.

Even if you have your pet micro-chipped, they are still a great way of expressing yours and your pet’s personality simply because of the diversity of designs that are available today.

Sarah Fox has both cats and dogs, and having them all micro-chipped would have cost a small fortune. For this reason she uses pet tags UK to let everyone know who her pets belong to and how individual their personalities are.