For many people, their pet is part of the household; some people even view their pets as their children. Whenever a cherished pet passes away, it can create just as much a sense of sorrow and loss as losing a close family member. And just as we have funerals and grave markers to memorialize our loved ones who have passed, the loss of a pet often creates the same desire in us to remember them in some way – to create pet memorials, to point out to us of the joy that pet’s life brought to ours. 

For some, it might seem a little odd for someone to go to much difficulty to memorialize their pet. Unfortunately, those who never experienced having a pet will never understand how a pet affects one’s life. Occasionally a pet helps us through a lonely time, or makes us chuckle when our circumstances are anything but cheerful. Occasionally the simple fact that another creature loves us unconditionally can make all the difference in the globe. Pets enhance our existence; that’s why we keep them. Consequently, when we lose a pet we find it gripping to find a way to hold a memorial service for our pet. It makes a declaration that says, ‚ÄúThis pet’s life meant something to me. This pet flipped my world upside down and absolutely nothing was ever the similar again.”

What we should realize is that the pet memorials aren’t really for our pet’s benefit, but for ours – the same as it is when we have a funeral or memorial service for our departed loved ones. Recounting and remembering is part of the grieving system along with the fact that we already need to bid farewell to them. The grieving system can be vary from one person to another this is the reason why no two funerals and memorial services are the same and this is also applicable for pet memorials. The crucial thing is that we do something significant. 

Pet memorials can be as simple as a backyard burial ceremony, or sprinkling the pet’s ashes around his favorite park. There are pet cemeteries where masters can bury their pet and erect a grave marker at the site. Often pet memorials can be a form of art, like a shadowbox containing sentimental items like fur clippings or the pet’s favorite toys, a pet portrait, or even a plush replica. There is one artist that makes artworks like special tribute paintings helping owners memorialize their domestic pets. What type of memorial we pick, again, is more about what helps us honor the memory of our pet, to recognize the way that pet touched our lives. 

There are a lot of methods to creatively bid farewell to our beloved pets. There is not a right or wrong way to recall, so choose the innovative pet memorials that work best for you.

Over the past hundred years individuals all over the world conduct memorials for their dearly departed loved ones and they also hold pet memorials for their departed pets and this is done to exhibit honor and respect. Around 3000 B.C the process of cremation started. in the Near East, later on across northern Europe, moving to the British Isles and what is currently Spain and Portugal at about the time of the Bronze Age — 2500 to 1000 B.C. From the time of the Roman Empire — 27 B.C. up to 395 A.D. cremation is now employed all over the empire and the use of elaborately adorned urns to contain the ashes became a tradition. Earth burials took over cremation throughout Constantine’s Christianization of the Kingdom around 400 A.D. For the next 1,500 years, this type of disposition has continued to be the standard all throughout Europe.

An example is the uncovering of an ancient pet cemetery along with the remains of 1000 dogs that can be traced back to the Persian rule in Palestine around 539 to 332 BC.

Over a hundred years ago, cremations and pet memorials began to occur in the United States. The earliest and extremely revered pet memorial and burial ground goes by the name of Hartsdale Pet Cemetery and Crematory. In 1896 when the war was ending, the Westchester County, New York cemetery was developed and now holds more than 2000 graves. Here, beloved pets are buried in pet coffins, and pet urns, with custom grave markers and pet memorials at graveside. More than 70,000 pets buried there today.

Moreover, the Le Cimetiere des Chiens D’Asnieres-Sur-Seine in France put up a big sculpture with the carving of a Saint Bernard that is holding a child. This dog named Barry saved 40 individuals in the Alps right before he lost his life while attempting to rescue the 41st person.
A noted rise in cremation has been observed as compared to ground burials thus fueling the need to find a final resting place for the remains of a beloved pet. Pet owners have different preferences some would choose to scatter their pet’s ashes while others opt to keeping the ashes by placing it inside a cremation jar.

At present a new style has emerged and this trend is branded as tribute art where painters are hired in order to paint a portrait of their beloved pets and loved ones.

Cremated ashes. These ashes, and or a few strands of the hair are brushed into an abstract expression of a loved one’s life. Abstract art is the kind of artwork that follows a narrow trail behind religious art except that it is not religious art and it concentrates more on color and form.

A lot of testimonials seem to confirm that these tribute art for pet memorials help hasten the healing process after the loss of a beloved pet.

We have all probably tried to add up how old our pets are in “human” years, right? With regards to dogs no one formulation for a dog to human age conversion is scientifically agreed upon, and in fact the seven years to one human year is a myth. Age may differ from breed to breed, and basically the average life span of the North American or European dog is around 12.8 years of age. For the past 100 years there has been a rise in life span to most of our animal friends, from cats and dogs to rabbits, birds or even horses, thanks to better veterinary care and more nourishing foods. But, as sad as it is, with age comes the death our beloved pets.

Fred Rogers, author of a book entitled, “When a Pet Dies,” says no matter what age your beloved pet lives to be, the hardest thing for humans to deal with is their passing. This is particularly true for children whose pets are an essential part of their existence. He suggests sharing memories about the pet by holding pet memorials.

Here are some amazing facts, An African Gray parrot can reach the optimum age of 50 years, while a year in each horse’s age is equivalent to three human years thus a 26 year old horse is as old as 78 year old human being. Rabbits survive to be a typical age of ten. And in human years, a ten year old rabbit would certainly be like a 75 year old person. There is an easy way to do the computation yourself for your own pets at

Most of us wish our pets would live longer lives, and not pass away so soon. The life expectancy of any particular dog or cat is established by the stresses in its everyday life consisting of what it eats and physical and psychological stresses. The reason why larger dogs live shorter than scaled-down dogs is the fact that the huge bodies of these dogs undergo more stress than the bodies of smaller dogs. Medium dogs reportedly live to be between 11 to 14, while very huge breeds survive only 8 to 12 years. Scaled-down dogs can surpass 22 years. The average life span of scaled-down breeds is around 14.8 years, but some can survive to 18 years while the average life span of larger breeds like that of Labrador retriever is only about 12.6 years. Naturally, there will always be an exception, of Labradors surviving longer than expected.

Most canines reach full growth and sexually maturation at about the age of one, although some dogs might still need to fill out, just like a teen. A two year old dog is equal to about another three to eight years in terms of physical and mental maturity. Each year thereafter is equal to around four or five years in a human being.

Felines undergo puberty around 18 to 24 months instead of 21 years like in the case of human beings. A cat’s first calendar year is more similar to 16 cat years, and then a cat’s 2nd calendar year is more similar to five to seven cat years the equivalent age of 21 to 23 years in humans. Then you can add about four cat years for each calendar year of the cat’s life ‚Äì a 4 to one ratio. So a ten year old feline would forty in feline years.

Taking very good care of your pet is essential and as they age they should be comforted as much as feasible until they reach their remaining years. Changes in his behavior, loss of appetite, incontinence, and labored breathing are the signs of impending death.

When a pet dies it is very essential for parents to let their children say goodbye to the pet at their own pace. As a family, choose an urn for cremation, or a coffin and a plot marker for burial. Search for pet memorials websites online where you can write and share stories about your pet, or buy pet urns or pet memorial art.

Family members can also help the memories live on forever in your heart by purchasing pet memorials at — for commemorative art from Denice Lewis’ Loving Hearts pet memorial series. The piece usually starts as an authentic painting by Denice Lewis. Then a special edition of museum type prints are produced. Lewis will allow you to talk about your pet while integrating your pet’s remains on the final coating of the Loving Heart pet memorial art piece.