Many dog owners do not realize that there are benefits to getting elevated dog feeders for their canine companions. Not only do they help with the cleanliness of the dogs eating area but they also give the dog health benefits. When a dog eats from a dish that has been placed on the floor or a mat the often make a large mess. Not only is there a mess on the floor but there may be a mess of bugs in the bowl as well.

When a dog spills his food all over the floor a piece or two may be missed when it is cleaned up. The pieces that are left may attract insects and they will easily be able to climb into the bowl, eat crumbs, and wait for seconds. Elevated dog feeders have been proven to lessen the mess that a dog creates while eating and thus eliminates the possibilities of getting unwanted insects living in the kitchen.

Using elevated dog feeders also help the dog to be able to eat more easily. There is no need for them to gulp their food or their water. They are able to eat at a slower pace and lessen the chance of them choking. Many dogs will vomit after gulping water from a dog dish that is on the floor. This is because they are drinking too fast and the water causes their stomach to bloat. Elevated dog feeders slow down the dogs eating and help them to be able to swallow with ease because they have gravity helping them.

The food is drawn down the esophagus while they are eating from the elevated dog feeders. When eating from a dish that is on the floor the dogs are fighting with gravity to keep the food in their mouths and gulping it down to get it to go down their esophagus. This can be dangerous or even deadly.