Gosh, my dog has barely left puppyhood but it is already mounting my friend’s pet. A male dog’s interest in sex starts very early. A dog that has barely left puppy hood will draw laughter if the repeated efforts to mount a large female would fail. It would not be uncommon to see male dogs humping other male dogs.

Humping and mounting seem to be a part of play activities of puppies. The dog’s inclination to mate not only with other dogs but also with others animals would show that dogs are sex motivated. This notion was further supported by the inclination of dogs to hump the legs of humans. However, these are normal sexual actions of dogs. The early interest in sex, the mounting and the humping are instinctive reactions that prepare the dog for future procreation.

Dog owner may opt to breed or not to breed the pet. Breeders would naturally breed the dog for monetary reasons. A pet owner though may want to breed the dog to have cute puppies that will have the ideal temperament of the pet. Another purpose of breeding the male dog is to have litter that will also garner blue medals just like their sire . On the other hand, a pet owner would make sure that the pet is not given a chance to breed especially if no possible homes for the puppies will be found. Responsible dog owners would neuter the pet so as not to add to the number of homeless dogs. With all these reasons it would be necessary for a dog owner to know at what age the dog can be bred.

Attainment of sexual maturity is largely influenced by the size as well as the breed of the dog. Not all dogs would attain puberty at the same age. Dogs commonly reach puberty from 6 to 12 months of age.

Smaller breeds attain sexual maturity at a much younger age . A six months old small breeds would show sexual advances but large breeds have to be about a year old before they get sexually active. A Shih Tzu that appears to be a puppy can already mate but a German Shepherd Dog would gain sexual maturity only when it is about a year old. Dogs may have attained puberty at a much earlier age but breeding should only be done after the dog’s first birthday when the dog already has sufficient number of mature spermatozoa.

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