Just as you relish having your own room where you can enjoy a moment of solace and independence, your dog or puppy likes having its own room, too. Dogs still retain a few of their ancient characteristics, and would love to have some kind of a den – a little, cozy place of their own where they can hide. Some people may have an aversion to dog crates, since they believe that it’s much of a cage and it is cruel to the dog. However, crates offer a superlative home for your dog where it can feel safe and secure and independent.

Dog crates will come in a variety of styles and materials and choosing the best option for your dog can often be a bewildering and confusing experience. It will always pay to shop around, since some crates are stronger and more robust than others. The most prevalent type of crates are those made of plastic or heavy welded steel wires. Plastic crates are lightweight, portable, and are easily dismantled for travel or storage. On the other hand, steel wire crates are not that flexible but still offer better ventilation relative to the plastic version. No matter the option chosen, the material and style of the crate should be durable enough to resist chewing.

A crucial aspect to consider while considering buying a crate is its size and dimensions. A crate should be large enough for the dog to stand, turn around and lie down in comfort and with ease. Your dog should be able to stretch out on its side and sleep comfortably. Moreover, if you own a growing puppy, it is highly recommended that you purchase a crate with dividers. This way you could expand the crate size as your puppy grows.

A good quality crate for a medium to large dog can cost anywhere between $50 and $125. A durable crate will last throughout your dog’s life, and you should always purchase the most durable crate that you can afford. Moreover, it will certainly save you from an awful lot of trouble – damaged furniture, carpets and other belongings.

Just check through ads and listings in popular websites in order to find a few genuine companies that offer great pet products. Buy that durable and comfy crate, thereby providing a “haven in your home” for your dog.

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