Dog Care Costs

I was looking over my expenses this morning, and I just about spend more on my dog’s needs than on mine. I mean, when I’m done purchasing his dog medications, high-end food and toys, and have taken care of the vet bills, I’m looking at quite a bit of money. I love my dog immensely, so my frustration is entirely pointed at the procedures and businesses that make him so costly. I mean, really a dog is more expensive to keep than a person? Come on. Obviously, many of these things are truly requisite. I mean, I won’t stop giving him his Heartgard any more than I’d choose not to get my kids their vaccinations. But I wonder if there are the same administrative issues in the pooch care industry that exist in the human healthcare industry.

Of course, owning a dog is a privilege and a choice, so there’s that difference. If I wanted to avoid these expenses, I could just not keep a dog. But I can’t envision myself not having a pet. They provide such good company, and even can boost your life expectancy and general wellbeing. Maybe I ought to be subtracting from my dog’s costs the money that I save on not having to pay for Prozac? I feel that there’s also something important about taking care of an animal. Stewarding his life, if you will. People were intended to live in symbiosis with nature and all animals. Somehow I feel like I’m doing my share to care for God’s creatures as he originally meant me to when I care for my dog.

So where does that leave me? I suppose there’s not really much point to this rant. I guess I just wish I could trust that the prices I pay for my dog’s health were necessary. I hate feeling like I’m being taken advantage of. But even that is worth it for his welfare.