American Foxhound

The American Foxhound has an appearance very similar to that of a Beagle. The dog measures from 21 to 25 inches at the withers and weighs from 65 to 75 pounds. This breeds sleek athletic body is well covered with a short coat that ranges from black, tan and white, tan and white or red and white color combinations. Well boned, straight and long legs give this breed its legendary speed.

Although this hunting breed has adapted the name America, these dogs have existed long before the land has gained independence from Great Britain. The breed have evolved from the hunting dogs brought by Robert Brooke to the Crown Colony in 1650.

These excellent hunting dogs were highly valued in their country of origin. These dogs are favorite hunting companions of the British landed gentry. On a fox hunt, packs of American Foxhounds will chase the prey while hunters follow on horseback. Hunters will know if a prey is found by the change in the melodious barking of the hounds. The dogs are used by the settlers of the Crown colony to hunt foxes as well. However, because of the ferocious tenacious nature, it was rumored that the dogs were utilized by the English military commanders to track and hunt Indians.

The English Foxhounds were crossed and re-crossed with the dogs of settlers from Ireland and France until a new breed that has adapted to the conditions of the new country has evolved. The American Foxhound, a versatile breed of dog was born.

The American Foxhound, first and foremost is a hunting dog. An American Foxhound would be in its element if it is chasing a prey. The breed is endowed with an excellent scenting ability, an impressive stamina and a courageous and intense drive. An American Foxhound is an intense hunter, once a prey is sighted, the dog will not stop until the animal is taken. Breed name suggests that the dog is a fox hunter but American Foxhounds hunt other animals as well.That the dog will be highly valued by hunter is a given fact.

The breed has excellent hunting prowess is basically the reason why these dogs are highly valued. However, apart from the hunting prowess, these dogs are valued as well for their loving and gentle nature. Highly energetic while hunting, this dog turns into a calm, gentle and sweet family companion. This breed of dogs is not a one man dog. These hunting dogs form a strong bond with the family but these dogs are noted to bond closely with the children.