Familiar Golden Retriever Problems

Although we don’t usually associate Golden Retrievers as having any major issues, Golden Retriever problems are becoming more common. If any issues aren’t identified and dealt with as soon as possible they can spiral out of control.

There are a number of key Golden Retriever problems, let’s go over these and then analyse how to resolve them.

Aggressive Behaviour

Even though Golden Retriever aggression isn’t thought to be a major issue it can cause a serious threat if left untreated.After all, they are dogs and have the natural tendencies that other dogs possess.

Thankfully, addressing aggressive behaviour is one of the easier Golden Retriever problems to fix. This is especially true if you can train them from a young age. The best way to remedy this is to combine training with socialization programs to help your dog calm down, they will also learn there are other ways to express their selves other than aggression.

Another way to stop aggressive behaviour is to prohibit any physical games with your dog, this will show them that aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.

Excessive Energy

If there is one thing Golden Retrievers are known for it is their boundless energy which is really great. However, they can even have too much energy for this type of dog which isn’t good. This can signify that there may be a deeper issue. This could be associated with Golden Retriever barking.

Even worse, this problem can get progressively worse over time, and if left untreated it can be expressed through destructive behaviour. They do this as a way to vent their energy.

The key is exercise; make sure your dog is getting plenty of it. A good rule of thumb for the amount of exercise your dog needs is three times a week. Doing this to conquer the energy issue is huge, this is because it can also help calm down aggressive behaviour. This is also great for you as you will be exercising and becoming healthier with your dog. Basically, it’s a win – win situation.

Separation Anxiety Issues

We all know how loving Golden Retrievers can be, however if they aren’t trained properly they can become too attached to you.Separation anxiety is the end result of this.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is. If it’s not dealt with swiftly it can lead to destructive behaviour involving your dog, your home and your possessions. This problem needs to be addressed promptly and can only be done so by positive reinforcement and the correct training.


The key is to employ consistency with your training. Doing something once and then totally going against it is not consistency and will only confuse your dog. This is inconsistent behaviour and will not help. You must be consistent. For more help on this subject please check out my Secrets to Dog Training review for a great product.

So, you have chosen to get a dog. Good decision. A dog will be a steadfast and inseparable friend;, obedient, unquestioning and providing you unconditional love. The picture that a large number of people have in their minds when they come to a decision to get a pet dog is one of a wonderful bond. This relationship, like all relationships, needs to be developed. To achieve this, most individuals want a lot of guidance and advice most definitely if it the very first time they have actually owned a dog. There are many coaching courses and strategies available out truth be told there. A few courses are superb, many average and loads which are purely junk. Checking a puppy training review would certainly be a good approach as you will get an idea of what you will receive for your cash.

Right now there are a number of options you have whenever considering training your pet dog and establishing your connection. One thing you may well do is register in a nearby puppy behavior training school. The fact is that, a lot of individuals either do not have the time or the cash to achieve this.

The next alternative is to look for a book or guide. The local bookstore will stock quite a few but they have their limitations in so much as you cannot ask the guide any questions or actually observe the training in action.

This brings us to the products and solutions found on the internet. Pet dog training has so many services being sold on the web that the niche market has become a running joke with internet marketing experts. The explanation why truth be told there are so many products and solutions is that the need is high. Folks have discovered that buy purchasing a product in a digital format; they receive far more for their money. A lot of products offer video material as well as a manual. The superior few even offer unrestricted live support. If you have a challenge or a difficulty, you simply just ask the experts and they advise you. These improvements are ideally suited for the working person who may not have a whole lot of time to dedicate to reading a whole book prior to getting going.

Not surprisingly, a resource such as this will cost a little bit more than a paperback book coming from the bookstore but it is the greatest way to commence your brand new relationship with your dog .

As I talked about at the start of this article, the most responsible thing to do is read a lot of dog coaching reviews. You’ll uncover lots of glitzy and hyped up sales pages whenever you Google around the dog coaching world. Can you believe the hype? Will the merchandise live up to expectations? Find a solid dog training review of what the product is like and what it provides and, whenever you are happy that there is minimal or no risk, go ahead and acquire it.

Here is a wonderful example. Perhaps the best and most complete puppy training guide offered online is called ‘The Secrets to Dog Training’ by Dan Stevens. This guide, which has been used by over 200,000 owners worldwide, is the best selling pet dog coaching product online. Does it deserve the accolade of being ‘the best’? You can read a full and no-holds-barred review of this product here: Secrets to Dog Training Review

The review you will find from that link is from another dog training professional who has a popular dog website. There is a full run-down of exactly what you can expect for your money in terms of physical product and exactly what you will get in terms of additional products and on-going professional support.

Here is the link again for this review: Secrets to Dog Training Review

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