Do you get irritated when your Dog starts to whine? This is a ordinary issue for many Dog owners. Worst of all, it sometimes seems prefer your Dog waits until you are comfy in bed at night, attempting to go to sleep, before he decides to start waking up the neighbourhood!

There should be various grounds why your Dog whines. So, in order to stop your Dog from whining frequently you will first have to find out the cause behind it.

It is very fundamental to remember that a Dog whines as he is attempting to express its feelings to you. He is like a infant in a lot of ways. He wants to communicate with you to express you what is wrong, but he can’t Talk! So instead, he whines.

Your Dog should be feeling pain, excitement, anxiety or some kind of fear. Even if you feel that your whining dog is simply attempting to get your focus, you must not avoid this issue. This is an indication that your dog most likely is afraid that you may abandon him, and you need to get action.

The longer you let it go this issue unresolved, the worse it will become!

One need to never punish a whining dog thinking this might treat the pet. There is nothing more depressing and cruel than punishing your dog instead of understanding him. It will leave both you and your dog in pain.

Instead you should train your dog by teaching him different methods to respond to several conditions. A whining dog is not an incurable Dog. All kind of dogs can stop whining if they are taught what kind of behavior is expected of them.

The first thing to do is start to think of your dog more like a human infant. For instance, your dog might whine as it knows when it has done this in the past you have given him a treat, played with him or taken him for a walk.

First and foremost you must learn to stop reacting immediately to your whining dog. Rather, you could train your dog to sit obediently till you are free and then entertain the pet’s request. This would give the dog an impression that you are actually treating him a reward for its obedient behavior. This type of training is crucial to teach your dog that you are the master and must be obeyed.

Other reason for the anxiety of your whining dog may be that it is left alone at residence for long hours. If you are a someone who has to stay out of home or travel long distances then it is compulsory that you efficiently treat your dog to face such conditions and enjoy them. There is nothing more heart breaking than a whining dog looking at you with longing eyes while you leaving your door step.

In a lot of cases, a whining dog is a sign of a condition known as separation anxiety in a dog.

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