Canine flu was discovered less than a decade ago at some greyhound racetracks in the United states. The virus strain is highly contagious and it easily spread from one dog to another. It is really a big difficulty for race tracks because they put dogs out of the race for up to four weeks.   Without any mutation, dog flu is not gonna transfer to humans and within the same way, dogs are not likely to be infected with the influenza.

02/04/10 Weslaco, TX – Freddy Muller is an aide vet for a vet infirmary that is working with owners from all over the province. “the dog flu  has been a major concern for many pet owners within the city,” said Muller. “Many individuals seem to be anxious that the conditioning will induce their dogs to die just like the pigs and swine influenza. Many are also scared that the flu is gonna affect them.” Muller also was one of those who were present at the launch of the website –

In a forum that talked about Weimaraner Obedience Advice, there were many concerned pet owners who cited the subject of dog flu and their dogs. There was some concern, especially since spring was upcoming on and many owners were anxious that dogs would be more susceptible to the infection. We asked some pros about the problem to figure out if there really is need for concern. Here are some of the facts we found out.

The dog influenza is believed as a change of the equine influenza. It is exceedingly catching to dogs and the issue can last for up to 4 weeks. During that time, the dog could be a very contagious to other animals within the house or near it. Since this is a brand new strain, most dogs will not have any resistance to the condition.

Is it going to induce death with my dog? Most likely not; the flu virus is just like any other influenza virus in the world. The issue itself does not kill, what could probably be serious are the secondary infections that a dog can get while their immune system is compromised with the influenza. Younger dogs and aged dogs could be more vulnerable to problems from other conditions. Dogs who are immune compromised might also have an issue with the issue.

Do dogs who get the flu become immune to it? There is a good chance that immunity to the influenza will occur, but it will only last around 2 years. The best thing someone could do is to keep your dog from getting the infection in the very first place.

Another thing that was pointed out in the Weimaraner Obedience Advice forums was the prospect that the animal has of giving the information to their owners. Luckily, there is a really low chance of that happening unless a change occurs in the virus. The best thing than an owner can do is to report the instance of the flu to their vets. A phone call to the vet will do, most of the time, in particular when the infection is mild. Just keep the vet updated of the dog’s problem.