A Garmin GTU 10 GPS locator along with web-based Garmin Tracker services for computers and mobile phones transforms the complete exercise of tracing another person or something. The actual GTU 10 will allow you to track aging adults, young people, your dog as well as practically other things using your Smartphone and permit you to receive text messages when perimeters you identify are actually violated by the monitored object.

You might be attempting to keep your eye on your own aging parents, your son or daughter, your animals, or even your property, the GTU 10 allows you to keep an eye on the things which really make a difference most to you in life, effortlessly and inexpensively.


The actual Garmin GTU 10 weighs in at only 1.7 ounces and easily connects to a belt loop, bookbag, collar or other equipment. It’s available in a tote and features a climbing caribiner, furthermore its watertight. Checking information is delivered all over AT&T’s cellular network. At your Computer Garmin’s Tracking web page will allow you to manage your own GTU 10 and map the current address. For even more significant freedom, it is possible to download the Garmin Tracker software directly to your mobile product to see it’s position on the move and also chart it.

You can establish 10 invisible perimeter fences, or electronic boundaries, for the GTU 10 so when it penetrates or leaves a geofenced area Garmin transmits an e-mail or text notification instantly to you or any other person you have approved. You can also track its record to find out where it was.

GTU 10 makes use of a internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can carry on as many as a month in between re-charges, additionally you can customize battery pack configurations to provide ideal overall performance. It’ll also deliver a text through the system if it’s time for you to charge.

This Is What It Is Able To Do On Your Behalf:

For people with a parent with Alzheimers, a child under the age of 12, a rebel family dog that loves to disappear, or perhaps a hunting dog, then you certainly really are a individual for the GTU 10. Yet, there are so many alternative prospective uses like:
    * mountain climbing or outdoor journey
    * big water kayakers
    * cyclists, runner, triathletes – let all your family members track your progress on race day (it only weighs in at 1.7 ounces)
    * corporations that are looking to follow an item of high-priced equipment constantly
    * motorboats, farm equipment, your vehicle and more (these products are actually so tiny they can be undetected, so you will get it back again well before it hits the chop shop)
    * visits to recreational resorts or amusement parks with the kids
    * outdoor arenas, live shows and crowded venues

The population of prospective functions for the Garmin GTU 10 are generally almost as unrestricted as the creativity. Practically anything you may desire to monitor can be monitored because of this tracking science.

Tracking Packages & Options:

GTU 10’s tracking functions are due to pairing AT&T’s nationwide wireless network along with high-sensitivity GPS. Garmin GTU 10 boasts a recommended retail cost of $199.99, which includes a full year of standard tracking. Every day you can use as many as 10 elements of daily track history and the standard monitoring can be renewed at a yearly charge of $49.99 following your first year of on the house service.

For those who desire a more detailed record, the Custom Monitoring services plan ($4.99 monthly) can access 1 week of monitor history. Each and every service plan contains the option to automatically continue upon expiration, and there are not any premature cancelling charges, no account activation fees and no contracts.

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