Dog Breed Groups (Part 3)


All pure breeds of dog can be categorised in 1 of 7 groups. These categorisations are used by bodies that organise dog shows in order to ensure parity in high level competitions and it is possible for one breed to be in several groups. The names of the groups are loosely based on the specific function the dog has, for example there are Hounds, Working Dogs and Non Sporting dogs to name but a few.

Group 3 Gundogs

The Gundog group contains probably some of the most popular canine pets in the world, like Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and Labradors. As the name would suggest, the Gundog was bred to accompany hunters and were trained to flush out prey and retrieve on command. The majority of Gundog breeds make excellent family pets and will be a good companion for families with children of all ages. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train, and if kept mentally stimulated and physically exercised they will be a good all round family companion.

Characteristics & Care

The very nature of a Gundog is to seek out and retrieve, and therefore walks without a dog leash have to be carefully managed as they have a tendency to chase wildlife in woods and parks. Although they have a high intelligence which makes them easy to train, this is not a breed group that can be left to its own devices. Mental and physical stimulation is vital as a bored Gundog will become destructive, belying its nature to be sociable and well behaved. The key to a happy Gundog is ‘keep him busy’. During training sessions use puzzle style dog toys similar to that manufactured by Kong Dog Toys, which are designed to maintain interest and provide challenging activities. This group comes in a wide range of coat lengths and it is vital that the right grooming equipment is used according to the type of dog you have. Golden Retrievers for example have a long coat that will need regular brushing to avoid mats and tangles and the occasional visit to a good dog grooming parlour may be necessary. On walks, they will invariably try to get into undergrowth searching for some perceived prey so it is wise to keep claws short using good quality Pet nail clippers like those manufactured by Gripsoft.


There are over 40 breeds of dog in the Gundog group and you have undoubtedly at some time or another come into contact with one at the park, beach, or just walking down the road. They are extremely sociable breeds and some, like the Labrador have had their natural instinct to please harnessed, and are helping their human companions who have lost their sight or hearing. With the correct training, love and care, Gundog breeds make excellent family pets.


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