This article was written for both the dog owners that want to be up to date on the latest designs in doggy-culture, as well as for dog owners that feel that they need an extra measure of safety for their dog. Though the types of doggy-clothes and accessories can change from time to time, there is one traditional type that is still in fashion through every season:It’s the spiked leather dog collar. And it’s an choice that suits every dog,big or small, as you will find sizes available for each breed of dog.

What are a few of the the reasons that you may wish to consider a leather collar on your canine? Although many people are under the impression that these collars are only for show, they actually do have purpose by way of their design.

Leather-based spiked canine collars are supposed to protect the dog, so canine and other animals shall be unable to successfully bite the neck of the animal in the case that they are involved in a fight. The leather spikes will deter different animals from biting their neck.

This way, not only are you able to give your dog a sense of high style with the leather collar, it’s also possible to giving you the peace of mind that they’re protected as well. Although this is an incredible possibility for defense, the owner ought to remember that bigger spikes isn’t all the time a better choice.

Larger spikes can turn out to be quite uncomfortable for the dog if the  spikes are too lengthy where they protrude and rub against the skin. This may cause irritation towards the skin from the dog and lead to unwanted side effects like hair loss. This can be easily prevented by trying on the collar before buying it to ensure that the spikes are of an sufficient size.

There are lots of benefits to selecting a leather-based canine collar. Leather-based collars are sturdy and might simply outlast season after season of use with out fail as compared to the traditional collar. Although traditionally, leather should not be exposed to high ranges of moisture, canine collars are sometimestreated with protective coatings to minimize the damage that can come from being exposed to these elements.

How much of an investment can you expect to pay for spiked leather dog collars? Although costly, the benefits of choosing leather-based and also the fashion that is included with the leather may help the owner to justify this expense. Some leather spiked dog collars can cost as much as $100., relying on the model and the model that has been chosen however these will outlast different manufacturers which are created with materials of lesser quality. Nonetheless, the typical price is typically around $20.

You could find a number of spiked leather dog  collars via your neighborhood pet store, but buying online can usually yield a variety of options that you simply wouldn’t have been unaware of – including various styles and colors that may not be available locally. Shopping online for spiked leather dog collars can can help you to broaden your options and find a leather collar that is going to suit your personal style and make sure that the dog will remain safe.

In conclusion, spiked leather dog collar is a great investment that’s going to usually last until the pet or your dog outgrows this collar. Canine owners which can be searching for the best quality accessories for their pet choose leathercollar – what’s your dog wearing these days?