BarkOff Dog Stop Barking Device

Dog Barking in General
Until the Bark Off came along, dog barking has been a tough situation to deal with. Dog barking is generally nuisance barking. That is, your dog barks for nothing that you can perceive. All is quiet…then little Muffin begins yapping like crazy! You can?t hear a thing…yet your little furry best friend is all in a tizzy over nothing (you think). Maybe the neighbor?s dog has started barking, or maybe a raindrop fell in the back yard. Whatever it is, dog barking is a flat out nuisance!

Control Dog Barking Methods
There are various way of training your dog to stop dog barking. The first, of course, is the animal trainer. Dog trainers have sent their kids to college trying to train dogs stop dog barking . Probably the best method I?ve seen to make a dog stop barking is the rolled up towel method. You take a hand towel, fold it into thirds long-ways, and then roll it up and secure with a rubber band at each end. When your fuzzy friend begins his nuisance yapping you make a loud noise while throwing the towel at him. The idea is to peg him ideally between the head and shoulders with just enough velocity to let him know you mean business. Within a few direct hits, Muffin will get the message and stop the nuisance barking just if you make the loud noise. This is not cruel as the towel is soft and you are not hitting them hard. If you ever played catch with your dog and a ball then you have certainly hit them much harder on the nose throwing the ball at them.

There are many Dog Silencer devices on the market. Most of these involve a dog collar with some sort of small electronic unit attached to it. When your dog yaps , the sound sets off an electronic impulse that the dog finds uncomfortable. He soon learns that barking will cause him pain, and he very quickly will stop dog barking.

The Bark Off Device

To get your furry best friend to quiet dog barking the Bark Off is unique in that there?s no collar or physical contact you must make with him. The Bark Off Device is a battery powered, hand held unit about the size of a TV remote. When you switch it on, it emits, sends out an ultrasonic spinal that gets your dog?s attention and causes him to stop barking. The nice thing about Bark Off is that it doesn?t stop your dog from protecting your family in the middle of the night or any other type of emergency situation. You are in control and it only works when you want it to, turn it on, activate it . The portability of Bark Off makes it ideal to take on walks or trips so that your furry friend doesn?t start Bark Off and disturb others.

The mobility of the BarkOff unit makes it nice to use to stop your neighbor?s dog from barking as well. Just take it outside and aim towards the offending yapper and see if he gets the message! If your neighbor?s dog really does bark a lot, they would appreciate your showing the Bark Off to them. To your dog to stop dog barking would be a great Christmas Gift for everybody!