stop dog chewing

“How do I stop my dog chewing?”. This is one of the most repeatedissues dog owners encounter at some point,it is crucial to understand that dogs are sense-orientatedcreatures and enjoy to get to know objects through their mouth. Puppies, similar to babies tend to go through teething stages in which their gums are a in huge distress, chewing on something helpstemporarily relieve it, in order to save your belongings,provide your dog with a frozen washcloth as an substitute.
Before attempting to train your dog, you need to realize the motive for his chewing tendencies.  In puppies, this tendency is instigated when they are enthusiastic to look around surroundings and to easesoreness from growing teeth. Grown up dogsnormally do it with frustration~ anxiety,fear, stress or trying to get your attention. Some dogs do it simply as they have not been trained or taught to stop chewing.
The very first step in avoiding this pattern is to hide all objects that you don’t want your dog to chew and set up soft chewable toys around him. These toys are useful inminimizing the pain of teething. Though, you should make sure that it is safe to chew, can not be swallowed or split whilst in his mouth. Always aim to stay away from plastic made hard chewable toys. Stuffing toys with treats is 1 of thebest techniques to keep your dog motivatedand busy. Furthermore your dog enjoys the habit of receiving treats out of the toy. This helps to encourage dogs to chew only toys.
If you see your dog chewing one of your belongings, it iscrucial to deal with the situation there and then, fill a bottle with a squirty top up with water and squirt him in the face, if this isn’t possible at that momentthen disrupt his chewing with a loud sound every time, he willbegin to affiliate chewing with the noise and will think twice about it.Nonetheless, if you do catch your dog in the act, you shouldn’t chase him to get your possessions back, nor let it turn into a ‘tug of war’between you and the dog, he’ll think it’s a game and be even morereluctant to let go. The most powerful control tends to comeimmediately after an incident has taken place, if you do it later, your dog will not make the correlationabout what he’s done wrong.
Few tips which you can comply with during training:-
– Dogs function on rewards:-This is best method to appreciate him by giving treats when he shows obedient behavior and alsoignore him when he behaves badly.
– Bad diet:- This is one of the mainmotives for chewing behavior as they are seeking certain needed nutrients. This trouble can be fixed bygiving sufficient nutritional food to your dog.
–  If your dog enjoys to chew a certain thing, then you can coat it with non toxic foul tasting stuff.
– You should never lash out, put him into a crate or use a bad tone in your voice to stop dog chewing. If you find any blunders in hisbehaviour, correct it without delaysince dogs have got a short attention span and may forget thingsquickly.

Hope this aids your stop dog chewing, needs, thanks for reading

by Ruchi Vasishta