One of the best ways to relax your puppy is stretching her on her back. It is like giving a massage or doing a yoga posture. You can either stretch your puppy in your arms or on the floor.

To stretch her, hold the pup in your arms and cradle her like a baby by holding her on her back. With your arms tucked under her, gently pull her toward you. Let her body wrap around your chest. While you are doing this, apply some pressure with the palm of your hand at her knees to stretch her legs out even further. This helps stretch her spine. When your puppy feels she can’t get away, then she will relax that much more in your arms.

You can also stretch her on the floor by rolling her on her back. Take the palm of one hand and support her front legs forward and with the palm of your other hand, push gently on her knees so her hind legs stretch out. You can do this with a grown dog as well.

Lastly, don’t stretch your dog only during stress-related situations. She will then associate stretching as something stressful. And when dogs are more stressed, they are more resistant about lying on their backs.

Article By Jenny Ness of Pampered-Dog-Gifts the dog boutiuqe for your spoiled pooch.