Three Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

The summer vacation season is upon us, and there are millions of pet owners in the country who are looking for ways to care for their pet when they’re on vacation.  Some people choose to put their dogs and cats in kennels when they’re away, but there are plenty of others who choose to include their pets in their vacation fun.  A lot of dog owners are torn over whether or not they should bring their four legged friend on their vacation. Some blue pitbull puppies, full grown golden retrievers, and other dog breeds all react to travel differently, and every owner wants to make sure that their dogs are safe and happy when they travel.  If you’re planning on having your dog participate in your next vacation, try following a few of these tips to ensure that you and your pooch stay happy when you travel.

Check with Airlines/Trains about Travel Specifications

The pet carrier you just purchased may be cute and comfortable, but if you want to use it to travel by train or by plane you need to make sure that its use is recommended and approved by the airline and/or train company.  There are hundreds of pet owners who make the mistake of buying dog carriers that don’t meet the specifications for travel, and if you don’t have the right carrier you won’t be allowed to board.  There are carriers that are certified for travel, but the only way to ensure that the carrier you get will be okay for travel is to contact the travel company.

Go to the Vet

It’s always a good idea to bring your pet to the vet before you take them on any major trips.  Most pet owners don’t realize that dogs need certain certifications to ensure that they’re okay to fly.  Most airlines will require a health certificate from your vet that states that it’s healthy enough to travel, and proof that they’ve been recently vaccinated for rabies.  Be sure to talk to your vet if you’re traveling to Canada, Mexico, or anywhere abroad.  Some airlines and countries may require your pet to undergo a quarantined period once they arrive.


Your pet may appreciate having some familiar objects when they’re traveling, so be sure to pack some of their favorite toys when you travel.  It’s also advised that you pack pet food for your trip and don’t purchase it when you arrive.  You don’t know if local stores will carry your dog’s favorite brand, and some food standards may change if you’re traveling abroad.  Pet owners should also bring some bottled water for their dogs; you never know what the water quality will be like where you’re staying.

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