Dog Breed Groups (Part 2)


All pure breeds of dog can be categorised in 1 of 7 groups. These categorisations are used by bodies that organise dog shows in order to ensure parity in high level competitions and it is possible for one breed to be in several groups. The names of the groups are loosely based on the specific function the dog has, for example there are Hounds, Terriers and Utility dogs to name but a few.

Group 2 Terriers

The ancestor to today’s modern Terrier was bred to hunt vermin, like mice rats, stoats and otters and was trained to go underground to hunt down their prey. Today with more modern pest control, the Terrier is now a much loved pet. The Terrier is one of the breeds that cross many groups in the official categorisation. The Jack Russell Terrier for example is also a Working Dog and can be seen in the Agility group too.

Characteristics & Care

The Terrier group has breeds ranging from small to medium size dogs, all of which require a great deal of exercise and mental stimulation. This is an intelligent group and can be taught tricks and given simple tasks that will be picked up with ease. As a rule they do make excellent pets, even in households that have children as long as the usual precautions are taken. The best type of toy for a dog in the Terrier group is one that will stimulate it mentally, for example a ball that dispenses treats during play like those from Kong Dog Toy range.  All dogs, when bored can have a tendency to become destructive and none more so than the Terrier. These dogs are used to being busy, and whilst they can be loving and docile companions, they need an outlet for both their intelligence and their abundance of energy.

Grooming is considered medium maintenance as many in the Terrier group are of the wirehaired variety, but may need a dog brush specifically designed for the texture of a wiry coat. Some breeds in this group have a waterproof coat and as such should be bathed using a dog shampoo especially for this type. Being a hardy group, the Terrier can be walked using a normal dog lead, such as those manufactured by Rogue Royalty Dog Collars.


There are over 30 breeds in the Terrier group all of which have their own individual personalities and idiosyncrasies. However, in general these are dogs make excellent pets for both small and large households and will thrive with a family that can give the mental and physical stimulation this type of dog needs. Remembering the deep routed instinct to chase, they do not always do well in households where there are pets that may run and stimulate the need to chase prey, like cats and other small animals. Similarly, when out walking always be away of rabbits, squirrels and other small creatures that may inadvertently take your dog back to its ancestral ways.


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