Toxic Food For Dogs

We all know chocolate is not good for our canines, and can possibly kill them.  Did you understand there are a variety of additional foods which can  potentially be dangerous to our canines?  Foods to keep out of your canines reach:


Alcoholic Beverages – alcohol can cause intoxication of course, but additionally can result in coma and demise, retain the beverages for the adults


Caffeine – found not solely in coffee, teas, but also in chocolate.  Can be poisonous to the heart and nervous system.  Can additionally lead to vomiting and diarrhea


Grapes, Raisins, Currants – the toxin is unknown, but has been known to bring about injury to the kidneys.


Vitamins consisting of iron – can be poisonous to the liver, kidneys and other organs


Macadamia nuts –  includes an not known toxin, but has been known to result in harm to the digestive system, nervous system and muscles.


Milk and other dairy products – can result in diarrhea


Mushrooms – contains toxins which can cause shock and demise


Rhubarb leaves – includes oxalates that negatively effect the digestive, nervous and urinary systems


Artificial sweeteners made up of Xylitol – can bring about hypoglycemia, vomiting, weakness and collapse.   If big amounts are ingested, may lead to liver failure.


In addition to the possibly dangerous  list of food above, there are a number of things that just make good sense to keep away from your dog.  It’s good practice to steer clear of the following for your dog:


Fish and chicken bones

Fat trimmings



Onions and garlic

Raw eggs, meats and fish


Resist the temptation to over feed your dog or give your dog excessive treats or leftovers.  If you would want to spoil our dog do so by making sure your dog is the coolest dog on the planet with a personalized dog bandana.  It’s cool, it’s fashionable, check out the best in dog accessories.  Your dog will thank you for it.