How can I train my dog not to jump? This is an issue that the majority of dog owners ask. Some people like it when they arrive home to discover their dog is pleased to see them and do not simply mind if the dog jumps up on them a little in their excitement. However, there are times when we do not want our dogs to jump on strangers, people that are visiting or fragile pieces of furniture.

There are two reasons why a dog jumps up on a person. 

The primary is a salutation. This is the behavior that you like in your mutt, but if you want to stop him leaping at everyone, it’s good to encourage him to accost you in another way. You could move down to his level and permit him to come lick your face. That will prevent him needing to jump on you.

The other motivation that dogs leap on people is to affirm themselves and make the person submit. This is the behavior that most people want to prevent when we are asking how to train my dog not to jump. 

You will first need to teach the dog a command, either Off or Down. Say this resolutely and be vigilant not to reward the dog with playful consideration or laughter.

Another possibility is to give the dog the converse response to the positive love and affection that he is expecting. For example, while telling the “off” or “down” command to your mutt you could grab his front paws and place him resolutely down on the floor. You can do the same when he jumps on furniture. You have to teach your family members to be consistent with this training so that your mutt permanently receives the same command every time.

Otherwise, when he jumps on you, do not touch him but bare your teeth in a snarl. This can be very effective with a puppy because it is what his mother would do. If you do it without making a barking noise it won’t alarm your puppy, however it will establish that you are in-charge of the situation.

When I worked to train my dog to not jump up on people I ran into a problem because I discovered that nearly all people unconsciously respond positively when a friendly dog jumps up on them. This is especially correct with a puppy or a small dog. Although most adults do not like it if big dogs jump up on them, they accept it from less important animals and will ultimately compliment the dog with play or positive affection. Even though you tell them about the training, a lot of people don’t want to say “off” or “down” because they enjoy the attention or don’t want to appear intimidated of a small dog.

Before visitors arrive at your domicile you will want to clarify the importance of your training to them to attempt and preclude conflicting reactions to your dog. Describe to them that while your dog is still a pup that he will be growing into a very large dog that they may not love him leaping up on them and knocking them over in the future. Kids can be terrified by small dogs and mud-covered, dirty pet dogs are exasperating to anyone when they attempt to jump up and say hello. This really is a very imperative behavior that you have to address with your dog.

After your family and buddies appreciate the importance of it, it’s generally much easier to get their cooperation in the training of your dog. I realized this worked well if I explained to my friends that I needed to train my dog not to leap so that he doesn’t scare strangers and children. 

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