Behavior: Digging

dog digging by fence
If you have a dog who likes to dig then you know this behavior can be a real headache! You might have holes in your yard or your dog might look for places to dig under your fence. Digging can be a hard habit to break because, once again, digging is a natural behavior for dogs. It’s especially engrained in breeds such as Terriers and Dachshunds. These dogs have been bred for centuries to hunt vermin, foxes, and badgers who hole up underground which calls for the dog to dig to find them and pull them out of their dens.

There are several ways you can discourage digging, depending on what kind of digging your dog engages in and how committed he is to digging.

Holes in the yard

If your dog likes to dig random holes in the yard or digs to bury things occasionally, you can fill up the holes with something that he won’t like to dig such as pebbles. Some people suggest filling the holes with manure or even dog poop to discourage digging, though some dogs might like these things. You can also fill up the holes with soil from your local garden center and then sprinkle them with something to deter digging such as alum or cayenne pepper. One whiff of the pepper and your dog should leave that particular hole alone. You can also buy products specifically made to sprinkle or spray and discourage digging after you have filled up the hole. Check your garden supply store for suggestions. These deterrents also contain things like pepper and cinnamon – things that dogs don’t want to sniff.

If your dog is very persistent with digging holes in the yard you can try filling the hole and covering it with a layer of chicken wire. Chicken wire is very thin and it can’t be seen from a few feet away, especially after the grass begins growing again. It has the benefit that dogs don’t like to paw or dig at it because they don’t like the feel of the wire on their paws.

You can also set up manual sprinklers in your yard. When you see your dog starting to dig a hole, tell him “No!” and turn the sprinkler on for a few moments. Most dogs will stop digging, though some dogs like the sprinkler and they might continue digging.

Digging in flowers or other beds
If your dog is digging in flower or vegetable beds, you will need to fence off the beds. It’s hard to keep dogs from bothering vegetables, especially if you are growing something dogs like to eat. You may have to use a raised fence around your veggies or flowers. Try using one of the digging deterrents sold at garden stores to spray or sprinkle around your plants. (They also sell these to keep deer, rabbits, and other animals out of gardens.)

Digging around the fence
If your dog is digging around the fence or escaping, you should try to stop this problem as quickly as possible before it becomes a fun habit for your dog. Dogs can become escape artists and become fixated on finding ways out of the yard which is quite dangerous.

If your dog is digging around the bottom of your fence, check along the bottom of your fence for soft spots that might tempt your dog to dig. You can fill these areas in with gravel or concrete or place an object on the spot that will prevent your dog from digging. If your dog is trying different places around the bottom of the fence you can lay lumber or something like railroad ties along the fence that the dog won’t be able to move or dig under. Railroad ties are popular for landscaping and easy to find at garden centers and home stores.

If your dog is seriously focused on digging you can build him his own place to dig. You can get a kiddie pool, for example, and fill it with sand. Or you can use lumber or railroad ties and make a large boxed area for him in your yard, filling it with sand. Use the same kind of sand that is used for a child’s sandbox. Place some of your dog’s favorite toys in the box and half-cover them with sand. Call your dog over and get in the box with him. Start digging and how him how to find the toys. Once he catches on he should learn that he can dig all he wants in his sandbox and he won’t get in trouble. Having his own place to dig will often stop the digging in other places.

Author: Carlotta Cooper
Carlotta Cooper is a freelance writer who specializes in writing about dogs. She is a contributing editor for a national dog magazine. She has written two books about dogs: Canine Cuisine: 101 Natural Dog Food & Treat Recipes to Make Your Dog Healthy and Happy (Back-To-Basics) and How to Listen to Your Dog: The Complete Guide to Communicating with Man’s Best Friend . She has five fun dogs of her own.

A very good advice for Jack Terrier owners would be to commence the education classes as soon as possible. The puppy breeder will likewise give his impression about the subject, and most often he is not going to offer the puppies till they’re just prepared to understand several issues. So a doggie of only 2 months can simply learn a couple of straightforward commands but earlier than that is certainly not advised. More mature dogs can be harder to train if these are presented with their 1st training program, however usually their particular attention and concentration can be forced to ensure that dealing with them is going to be possible and with time, quite nice.

Jack Russell Terriers ought to be aware of the organization of the home that they’ve just entered. Their behavior is rooted in the primal organizational of the pack and so, continually he must see you such as the head of that specific organization. Otherwise the terrier can have no issue to look at himself the leader of the house and not any longer will any kind of coaching be achievable. Jack Russell Terrier training has to commence from this idea, that you have to be obeyed, and afterwards very good final results may be expected. Jack Russell puppy training depends on this relationship and it is a fantastic idea to often be sure where you as well as your dog stand.

Jack Russell Terriers will also show excellent responses any time they’ve demonstrated an ability strong and clear handling, a frequent and ongoing instruction pattern along with a good comprehension of their consideration span limits. Jack Russell Terriers might be relied on to know practically any method of lively and energetic activity, as this is their natural interest towards fast activities. On the other hand training can not surpass just a few minutes for young puppies and half an hour to a maximum of 1 hour for older dogs.

Jack Russell training might also benefit from a couple of very simple tricks. As an example, as it’ll generally be noticed, little pups can have a normal propensity to get scared when left alone, specifically during the nighttime. For you to be sure that they’ll really feel protected and rest without disturbing you might have their sleeping baskets fitted with a clock. This tends to imitate their mother’s heart sounds and definately will get them to really feel far better about the entire new environment. The grown up dogs should really not be permitted to get to sleep in the exact same bed with the owner. This is going to be assimilated to severe conduct and will likely be lead to the dog’s insubordination every time it takes place.

Other advice that must be considered when Jack Russell Terrier training is involved should be to never ever try to exercise both youthful and elderly dogs simultaneously. Not only that you will by no means get them to focus, but while the concentration span of the more mature is fairly good, the younger pups will lose their focus and in addition will come across another dogs being a distraction. For that reason, in the event you ought to train more dogs all at once just be sure to match them by what their age is and general attributes, or else it’ll all change into an undesirable fiasco.

How to Train Your Jack Russell

Jack Russell is a particular breed of dog that could pose fairly a task on a new proprietor. They are energetic and intelligent and as long as these are taken care of properly only the most effective of outcomes might be expected of them. Jack Russell training might be both regarding recognizing the dog’s advantages and also his low points and creating the alternative for his distinct needs.

First of all you are going to need to instruct your pet to follow your guide, to learn you as the master. So as to accomplish that you will ought to walk very first out of the house, be the very first 1 to eat and only soon after give his some too. If you had your dog from an earlier age is positive to commence his coaching asap, like with anything you’ve to commence fresh to ensure a good response.

Puppy Jack Russell instruction must be mainly centered towards brief exercises and inhibiting any one of his undesired natural habits. Everything that he does young will be carried with him as an grown-up and there will undoubtedly be some unwanted little things that you would like to take care. Just try to remember to keep the practice lessons quick and sweet as the doggy is not able to put emphasis for more than some seconds at one time.

Jack Russell dogs will provide the top of final results if they’re just handled with a firm grip and having a thing for discipline. Constantly approach their workouts with the exact same sort of command and if feasible, tone. Dogs will understand quicker if they are put through the equal group of education scenarios and may unquestionably deal with the facts better should you be clear about what you would like them to do. Family members involvement need to also be monitored and any members that issue directions to the pet should understand that they’ve got to be the exact same just about every single time to refrain from messing up the previous work. It might be quite simple to destroy a great amount of the classes learned by the dog by simply reaching him in methods that send ambiguous indicators, so, at any time, consistency really should be the most crucial thing.

Jack Russell training need to also cope with their natural propensity to misbehave. If feasible they ought to attend the obedience classes that are mainly designed to train your pet to keep his normal instinct, but also in case you plan on training your canine all by yourself just be sure to be firm and under no circumstances loose your ground when dealing with him. And be positive to totally never self-discipline them through the use of a beating or any other way of harmful behavior.

Also, when the pet dog has done his job you ought to cheer him and show him that you are happy with him. That will undoubtedly make him know his lesson and he will turn into a cheerful and lovely companion always ready to have an excellent time along with being self-disciplined when it really is expected. Jack Russell teaching is for this reason a labor of affection and motivation but within the end you will come across how the rewards are good and more than worth it.
If you have Jack Russell jumping problems, have a look on the net the offered information and facts on how to stop Jack Russell jumping.


The Jack Russell Terrier is really a tiny, wiry and really full of energy and courageous canine which has its origins in fox hunting. The breed’s huge energy and drive help it become best for many different dog sporting activities for instance speed and fetching. People who a Jack Russell are highly reccommended to enroll their own dog in obedience classes, as the dog might be stubborn and hostile near other dogs and folks if not properly trained. Whilst the breed of dog is small in size, it really is not advisable for flats, since it requires lots of physical exercise.

Jack Russell puppy training requires lots of determination, persistence as well as a calm temperament. The master need to take the puppy outside on a leash, be it for each day exercise or for toilet training. If it really is sniffing at a specific area, it must be left to eliminate there and soon after acclaimed and given a goody to ensure that its partnership with the owner (considered the alpha dog) is strengthened. Jack Russell puppies need to relieve themselves about 5-6 times every day, specially after eating.

While Jack Russell crate training can be very important and the Jack Russell’s dog crate should be fairly small-scale to ensure that the puppy dog has enough area to get up and turnaround. In the event the crate is just too big large, the Jack Russell could possibly urinate or even defecate in the nearby opposite its sleeping space and as such plenty of mess may be built. Furthermore, it’s a health challenge in the becoming and will need to be avoided at all cost.

If the Jack Russell puppy excretes inside your own home, it ought to not be yelled at or disciplined. Alternatively, as a part of training Jack Russells, the dog owner ought to make a annoying sound and move it outdoors so that they can defecate and / or pee. Yelling and hitting will turn the puppy frightened and it might eradicate in front of the owner so that it will apologize or refuse to eliminate whatsoever.

In regards to slumbering preparations, the pet will complain if left alone however the master ought to not pay attention to be able to steer clear of creating the notion that when the Jack Russell puppy complains the owner will come to the rescue. 1 of the most potent varieties of punishment is neglecting the pet for 5 to ten minutes. Also, a ticking clock, covered with an old shirt (that has the role of a surrogate “beating heart”) ought to remain inside the dog house in order that the pet becomes accustomed to the scent of the master.

It really is strongly suggested that a owner commences Jack Russell puppy training early on and establish himself or herself as the dominant person in the family unit – “the alpha dog”. The Jack Russell puppy training ought to start the minute the puppy dog arrives home for the very first time and then the pet owner should be consistent so that you can steer clear of puzzling the Jack Russell.  Positive re-enforcements approaches ought to be used if achievable and bad habits should be gently admonished. Two Jack Russell puppies (or a puppy and an adult doggy) really should not be kept in one space when the dog owner just isn’t at home, mainly because they have a tendency to come to be irritated and may well also harm each other.
For additional suggestions to handle Jack Russell training problems such as Jack Russell biting, please have a look at more facts on the internet.

How to Stop Jack Russells Jumping

Jack Russell dogs have a natural tendency towards quite active and regular activities. As such several people have complained that their own Jack Russell jumps on them and, according to the situation makes their clothing filthy, or the activity by itself is proving to be challenging to deal with. The issue, Jack Russell jumping, is usually made into a significant offence given that the dog will usually display the exact same kind of habits towards unknown people or guest visitors. It therefore demands to be solved urgently with minor postponement as possible.

If avoidance is still an option, say, as an example you have just commenced your teaching session with the Jack Russell, then a few actions will be just the greatest methods of making sure his conduct will stay typical. You will just need to find your new puppy in the act of bouncing and use the actual required correction. It need to generally consist of permitting your pet realize that what he is doing is undesired behavior and that he will begin to get over it.

Jack Russell jumping can also be considered a response to the dog’s inability to see your face and eyes, and this is most of the times noticeable any time the pet meets you right after not being around you for an extended period of time. Should this be the case, attempt to approach your dog and also to lean to his level making sure that he’ll feel nearer to you and a lot more happy together with your presence. He may well nonetheless still put his feet on you and this sign that this difficulty is not yet corrected.

As such once you spot your Jack Russell jumping or even relaxing his feet on you, use an authoritarian voice to tell him that his action is not a very good behavior so when he has stopped, give him a goody. Finding out how to connect the receiving of a treat with him not necessarily laying his feet on you will in time teach him to prevent bouncing on you. Also a command kind of exercise, usually called an ‘Off’, or at times ‘Down’, will engage your pet and he may possibly also discover to keep himself far from furniture or any other unwanted places that he used to get himself into.

Sometimes on the other hand Jack Russell bouncing isn’t a greeting activity but an overall expect from the part of the dog for more consideration. He may well have developed this behavior because he identified that doing so centered your attention on him. When the routine is established, one thing to do would be to take away the factor that motivated your dog in the first place, which is the attention that he garnered by acting that certain manner. This particular is going to be an all natural method of redistributing his energy towards something else.

Jack Russell jumping is as a result a practice that can be disciplined and definitely avoided to a good measure. It can be generated most often because the dog owner himself has acted in an inappropriate manner, letting the dog to express himself by moving and making a mess of the scenario. Just bear in mind that as with quite a few other dog misbehavior corrections it has to be done gently but having a strong determinacy to show the dog’ s awareness of what is wanted.
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